Phyllis Adams

Phyllis Adams

Phyllis Adams is an abstract painter who strives to distill her subject matter by manipulating shapes. Her paintings encapsulate coastal New England’s natural beauty.

Westport, Massachusetts serves as an inspiration for her art. She paints to satisfy an inner need, not for glory or fame.

Early Life and Education

Phyllis was born in Hagerstown, MD and attended Spring Grove High School in York County before marrying Charles in 1948 and moving to Wilburton – an idyllic community which welcomed them with open arms. Here she excelled in reading, cooking and spending quality time with family.

She was an active member of the Nenana Women’s Club and participated in various community events, leaving behind three daughters: Charlette Adams Helms, Toni Adams Reding and Cindy Adams Smith as well as five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren who fondly remember Phyllis as an accomplished triathlete, proud member of Wilburton Lions club and loving wife and mother who will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Professional Career

Phyllis Adams has had an outstanding nursing career. Starting as a charge nurse at The Methodist Hospital in 1969, she has continued in this profession ever since.

She has always shown extraordinary devotion to her patients throughout her career. She shows a great deal of empathy toward them, believing her greatest contribution comes when helping someone.

As she says, she finds great satisfaction in taking care of her patients and being part of their lives. Her art often captures the natural beauty of coastal New England while walking a fine line between realism and abstraction. Additionally, she strongly advocates for environmental preservation; making her home an inviting space where people can enjoy nature.

Achievement and Honors

Phyllis was an attentive mother and grandmother who always put her children and grandchildren first. In addition to volunteering for church youth groups and Vacation Bible School programs, as well as being a piano teacher herself.

No matter what challenges life presented her with, she remained strong and faithful in her devotions, praying regularly throughout her lifetime.

As a nurse, she strongly believed in the power of kindness. One of her most memorable experiences as an aid nurse was helping an elderly patient walk again after falling.

As well as nursing, she also found great pleasure in painting. Her works evoke the natural beauty of coastal New England while treading a line between realism and abstraction; telling stories with color and shape.

Personal Life

Phyllis Adams was a painter captivated by the natural beauty of coastal New England, adept at moving between realism and abstraction in her artworks depicting ocean, beaches and wild life. Her paintings provided her with constant inspiration throughout her lifetime.

Homemaker, exceptional cook and dancer extraordinaire; loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother; active parishioner at St. Joachim Catholic Church & School in Washington County where she actively supported its mission and helped organize its Fall Festival chaired with her husband for several years; deeply missed by family and friends Phyllis will be dearly missed; memorial donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Iowa City Hospice; please keep her family in your thoughts & prayers during this difficult time.

Net Worth

Phyllis Adams reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $1.6 Million and has appeared on Young and the Restless for over 30 years, earning her this estimated amount.

She also appeared in several other projects, such as Tribes, Pacific Palisades and General Hospital.

Phyllis was an outspoken supporter of social justice. She collaborated with the American Civil Liberties Union to campaign against capital punishment in the 1950s, visiting Caryl Chessman after his execution for kidnapping, robbery and rape charges.

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