Phyllis Diller Net Worth at Death

Phyllis Diller earned her net worth at death through comedy. She broke many barriers for female comedians while delighting millions with her engaging material.

She was an internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian, actress and voice actor known for her quirky stage persona and self-deprecating humor as well as her wild hair and clothing choices.

Early Life and Education

Phyllis Diller was an acclaimed American comedian, actress and author who became widely-renowned for her eccentric stage persona, cackling laughter and self-deprecating humor. She entertained millions while breaking ground as one of few female comics working within male-dominated fields like comedy.

Diller was born July 17th 1917 in Lima Ohio and attended their local high school where she quickly discovered her gift of humor. Though she was generally shy in class, after class hours she enjoyed making others laugh!

She performed her act everywhere from Las Vegas supper clubs to Madison Square Garden. Additionally, she appeared on popular TV shows like Hollywood Squares and played recurring roles on soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful; and had an on-going sitcom/variety show called The Pruitts of Southampton which ran briefly in 1995-96.

Professional Career

At an average budget level, she appeared in over a dozen films as an actress and made several TV appearances including Hollywood Squares game show appearance and playing the role of Gladys Pope on The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera series.

She was an accomplished concert pianist, performing with over 100 symphony orchestras across the United States under her pseudonym of Dame Illya Pillya. Additionally, she became a best-selling author with titles like 1963’s Phyllis Diller Tells All About Fang; 1966’s Phyllis Diller Housekeeping Hints; and 1981’s “The Joys of Aging and How to Avoid Them.”

She was also an accomplished painter, offering beauty products and jewelry lines under her name. Additionally, she was an active supporter of organizations like Women’s International Center and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital – among many others.

Achievement and Honors

Phyllis Diller has received widespread recognition and admiration throughout her illustrious career, earning praise from high-ranking officials as a result of her tireless effort.

Diller has appeared in 16 movies, several television series and specials, and almost every major supper club across the nation. She is also an award-winning author, spokesperson, gourmet cook, concert pianist and philanthropist.

Phyllis Diller’s unique brand of self-deprecating humor and extraordinary talent for writing have garnered her numerous accolades over time, such as an American Comedy Award for Lifetime Achievement, Hollywood Walk of Fame star status and Women’s International Center’s Living Legacy Award in 1990. She remains an iconic personality who has inspired millions worldwide.

Personal Life

Phyllis Diller was an icon and trailblazer among female comedians. Her talent, hard work and dedication enabled her to achieve great success in her career; many notable organizations recognized and honored her contributions to society.

She was an accomplished pianist who performed with over 100 symphony orchestras in the United States. Additionally, she was an award-winning author, outstanding chef and host of her own short-lived television show.

Phyllis Diller passed away from natural causes at 95 in 2012. Since her 80th birthday, she had been in poor health and suffered from various ailments. A lover of art with an impressive collection of paintings to her name, Diller was also known for being generous philanthropically and having donated generously to numerous charitable foundations and causes during her lifetime.

Net Worth

Phyllis Diller was born in Lima, Ohio on July 17, 1917 and died August 20, 2012. She was best known for her eccentric stage persona, self-deprecating humor, outrageous hair and clothing choices and exaggerated cackling laugh. Additionally she appeared on various television programs and in many films.

Diller amassed considerable wealth during her career and held various assets – such as her Brentwood home in Los Angeles, her costume collection and works of art, and several books that took an irreverent, humorous view on domestic life; these works earned her considerable acclaim among women and laid the groundwork for female comedians to follow suit.

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