Pilar Thomas

Pilar Thomas – Arizona’s Most Influential Women

Pilar Thomas, an indian of the Pascua Yaqui tribe and partner at Lewis Roca Rothberger LLP law firm in Phoenix. She has worked for both the Department of Justice and Department of Energy on water rights matters as well as tribal energy development issues.

She has successfully negotiated agreements for tribal renewable energy projects, infrastructure development on federal lands and economic development on tribal lands. Hemingway Collection materials include his day log book on board the boat Pilar as well as typewritten reports to American intelligence officials of U-boat sightings.

Early Life and Education

Pilar Alma Thomas was born in San Diego, California and currently works as an American lawyer representing Pascua Yaqui tribe members. Her expertise covers tribal water rights, treaty law and gaming law issues. Additionally, she coordinates federal agency policies regarding energy development for tribal energy projects.

Pilar holds both a Bachelor of Economics from Stanford University and Law Degree from University of New Mexico School of Law, making her one of the few partners at Quarles & Brady with both degrees.

Georgiana Bischoff of Santa Fe Art Dealer. They share one son and triplet daughters; Richard Francisco, Gweneth Gonzales and Pilar Alma. After being together since 1988 they divorced in 1993 before reconciling in 1994 remarrying later that same year and currently reside in Bend Oregon.

Professional Career

Pilar is a partner in the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources practice group of our firm. Her focus areas include tribal renewable energy project development and finance; federal Indian Law; natural resource development; transmission lines; pipelines; landfill gas extraction projects; utility scale solar arrays, natural gas power plants as well as mineral development.

She also handles complex commercial litigation and intellectual property disputes as both lead counsel and Delaware counsel, litigating cases related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, computer software and Internet technology.

Pilar has made significant contributions to legal organizations. She currently holds trustee status with the Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law as well as vice-chairing their Native American Resources Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Pilar Alma Thomas is an influential member of Arizona’s Native American community and one of its most powerful women. She is widely respected for her work surrounding tribal renewable energy developments – from negotiations for multiple projects to land disputes and tribal funding issues – she’s even been named one of Quarles & Brady Tucson’s partners!

Richard Thomas was best known as one of the stars from The Waltons. She has one son, Richard Francisco; three triplet daughters — Barbara Ayala, Gwyneth Gonzales and Pilar Alma Thomas (all born 1981); one is Richard Francisco’s son-in-law.

Georgiana Bischoff of Santa Fe Art Dealer Georgiana Bischoff. Involvement with multiple charitable and community organizations; awarded several times for her efforts.

Personal Life

Pilar Thomas is an American lawyer and member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe in Arizona. Her practice encompasses water rights, treaty rights and gaming law as well as coordination of federal agency policies and efforts in tribal energy development. Prior to that she was with Lewis Roca LLP based out of Phoenix.

After leaving The Waltons, Richard Thomas and Alma Gonzales gave birth to Richard Scott Earl Francis “Francisco” Thomas III in 1976 and triplet daughters Pilar Alma and Barbara Ayala Ayala two years later in 1981. Unfortunately, however, their 17 year marriage eventually came to an end and they filed for a divorce on 22 June 1993.

Thomas lives with her daughter Brooke in Manhattan and works as an art dealer. Additionally, she volunteers with Paws for People – an organization providing elders, children and people living with disabilities personalized therapy visits from pets – providing personalized visits from your pets to provide emotional support for therapy purposes.

Net Worth

Pilar Alma Thomas is an American artist working on issues pertaining to Washington, DC’s Indian community. She is particularly known for her efforts surrounding tribal renewable energy development projects and negotiations agreements for them.

She has also participated in theater performances, performing one-person shows such as “Citizen Tom Paine” and “The Lisbon Traviata.”

As well as her acting career, she boasts an extensive business and legal background. Specializing in working with Indian tribes on issues of real estate, land disputes and tribal financing for energy projects. With Richard Thomas whom she married in 1975 but divorced nine years later. After meeting Georgiana Bischoff whom she married later and together they have one son called Montana James.

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