Politician – David Crum

Politician – David Crum

David Crum is an American politician currently 74 years old.

He is an accomplished politician with an estimated net worth of $1-5 Million. His name appears among the list of 45327 most popular Politicians.

Early Life and Education

David Crum’s early life was filled with adventure. He enjoyed camping, sailing and fishing as much as possible.

He had an admiration of art and was an accomplished painter. Ultimately, he decided to become a lawyer and practice family law in New Mexico.

David Crum earned several awards and recognitions throughout his career, and was an active participant in a number of professional organizations.

He was born to an African American father and Native American mother in Saratoga Lake, New York.

Professional Career

David Crum is an esteemed divorce attorney with decades of experience. He has built three top-notch family law firms to showcase his skillset.

David is a life-long learner and entrepreneur, bringing an innovative approach to his practice. He personally recruits and trains the country’s most accomplished divorce lawyers.

He believes that family law cases require a personalized approach, and his extensive trial experience allows him to assist families in resolving their legal matters.

He brings a sense of humor to his work which helps him connect with clients. They appreciate that he always takes time to explain his process and recognizes that their family is going through an especially trying time, which gives them peace of mind throughout the entire procedure.

Achievements and Honors

David Crum is an exemplary individual when it comes to the finer things in life. A testament to the adage “hard work pays off,” his accomplishments in the workplace have been numerous and impressive. From leadership positions, to public engagement projects and innovation initiatives – his name has become synonymous with law enforcement excellence in West Virginia. David’s contributions are truly inspirational!

One of David’s greatest contributions to the state is his efforts to improve telecommunications throughout the region. Utilizing his unique abilities, he has completely revolutionized the state’s telecom landscape and helped boost its economy. David is an enthusiastic supporter of public safety, education and the arts both locally and nationally.

Personal Life

David Crum has an impressive resume. As a highly-respected attorney, he has built an exemplary practice in family law.

He is a member of both the American Bar Association and New Mexico State Bar, with extensive trial experience that extends to hearings in federal and state courts.

After graduating from George Washington University, he moved to the high desert landscape of New Mexico and established his first firm, New Mexico Legal Group. There, he focused on divorce and family law and quickly rose to become one of the top firms in the state.

Net Worth

David Crum is a former member of the Kansas House of Representatives who currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

He is a renowned actor and stand-up comedian, having starred in multiple short films and television shows throughout his career.

His net worth is believed to range between $1-5 million.

Additionally, he owns First Interstate BancSystem stock and has made several trades in this stock in the past.

As of 7 June 2017, his net worth exceeds $201 thousand dollars due to the sale of First Interstate BancSystem stock and dividends.

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