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Polly Astor Net Worth – Who is Polly Astor?

Polly Astor made her first appearance on Earth in 1971 and will turn 48 this year, beginning 2019. As an only woman living an independent lifestyle with plenty of personal stories that made her such an interesting character.

She is the daughter of Michael Astor and Judith Caroline Traill Innes. Michael Astor served as a Conservative member of Parliament between 1945 and 1953 and published two novels and memoirs including Brand and Tribal Feeling.

Early Life and Education

Polly Astor was born in 1971 to politicians Michael Langhorne Astor (deceased) and Judith Caroline Traill Innes and currently resides in England with three stepbrothers and one half sister; currently she is in a relationship with British actor Dominic West.

Ms. Brown continued her wartime fundraising activities and actively participated in local welfare projects (e.g., creating a female-oriented artificial flower-making industry). These endeavors she believed would contribute to postwar recovery among Plymouth’s working women.

She is a tall and well-kept lady with an ideal body, healthy lifestyle, and perfect height and weight. Due to her healthy diet and regular exercises, she exudes stunning beauty, looking much younger than her age.

Professional Career

Polly Astor has garnered much acclaim for her professional endeavors as a journalist and writer for numerous publications. Furthermore, she is known to possess an eye-catching sense of fashion and style.

Polly Astor had an extended relationship with Dominic West, an esteemed English actor. They shared one daughter together named Martha. Polly Astor boasts ideal height and body control.

Astor was committed to combatting apartheid. She supported Oliver Tambo and the ANC in their fight, as well as contributing to London’s Africa Advanced Education Project with money she donated herself. A strong advocate for women, minorities, and the environment, Astor provided inspiration and hope for many followers she inspired through her actions.

Achievement and Honors

As a film actress, she appeared in more than 120 movies. In 1969 she won an Honorary Academy Award; unfortunately in 1987 due to heart failure she died at the Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills California.

She is the daughter of politician Michael Langhorne Astor (deceased), and Judith Caroline Traill Innes. Born in 1971 and living on planet earth currently, she currently handles life alone and remains single. Annabel Jones is her sister while two of Pandora Clifford and Barbara McNeill from her dad’s previous marriages provide two additional siblings for her to call family members.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of several charities including Free Tibet and Prince’s Trust as well as Helen’s Trust and Catherine Fitzgerald Foundation. Her partner Dominic West, an English actor best known for Blood Diamonds and Prince’s Trust roles is another major supporter.

Personal Life

Lady Astor was known for being outspoken throughout her political career. She advocated on behalf of women’s rights, such as equal pay and milk allowances for working mothers; as well as supporting appeasement policies which ensured hatred towards Nazism did not translate to hostility against Germany as a nation state.

Polly Astor comes from a family that includes two stepmothers – Pandora Clifford and Barbara McNeill – as well as three half-brothers. At one point she dated Dominic West, with whom they share one daughter named Martha.

Polly Astor currently remains single, yet her love stories have gained her much notoriety in the media. She gained attention as the daughter of politician Michael Astor and for her romance with actor Dominic West. Additionally, Polly is known for appearing on popular series such as The Wire and 300.

Net Worth

Polly Astor has not made any public announcement of her net worth; however, she is well-known for her personal life stories and relationship with Dominic West; they share one child together named Martha who has reached adulthood.

He is renowned for his roles in The Wire, Chicago (2002), 300 (2007), John Carter (2012) and The Affair (2014). Additionally he is known as an author, having written both Brand and Tribal Feeling novels as well as memoirs.

At university, he began courting Catherine FitzGerald. Later they renewed their romance and married on 26 June 2010 at Glin Castle in County Limerick; her family, the FitzGeralds, owned land that included Glin Castle.

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