Preview For Next Grey’s Anatomy

NBC Releases Preview For Next Grey’s Anatomy Episode

NBC has released a preview of the next Grey’s Anatomy episode, and the teaser is a very interesting one. It looks like we’re getting to see the final season of Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey, and we may also get a glimpse of the new interns.

Episode teaser

Despite being the longest running series on television, Grey’s Anatomy has been plagued by a host of problems in recent seasons. The most recent was Meredith’s departure from Seattle to Boston. She told her staff that she was leaving the hospital. But is she really leaving? Will Grey’s Anatomy follow her to the next stop?

Meredith’s departure has been a long time coming, but this was the first time we’ve seen her officially announce it. It’s a big change for the star of Grey’s Anatomy. She’s moving on to a position with the Catherine Fox Foundation, which is working on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

It’s also Meredith’s last day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She sent an email to the staff to let them know that she’s leaving. She’s been there for 19 seasons, so it’s hard to believe she’s going. But it looks like she’ll have a tough time saying goodbye to her friends and co-workers.

New interns

During Grey’s Anatomy season 19, the show will introduce a new group of interns. This group includes Benson “Blue” Kwan, Simone Griffith, Jules Millin, Mika Yasuda and Lucas Adams. These characters are all new to Grey’s Anatomy and have a lot to prove.

The show has always introduced new interns, but in the past, these characters were unmemorable and short-lived. The new interns will have to create memorable characters, establish good chemistry and show the audience that they can be the stars of the show.

Grey’s Anatomy has been around for 18 seasons, and the show’s cast has grown to include a large number of characters. In addition to Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo has also played a large role in the show.

Meredith has remained with the show throughout the run, but the show will introduce a new group of resident interns this year. Meredith has also chosen a group of doctors that have a lot of potential.

Farewell to Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey

Having starred in Grey’s Anatomy for 19 seasons, Ellen Pompeo is saying goodbye to her iconic character. While she isn’t starring in the show any longer, she will still be on as an executive producer and voiceover narrator for future episodes.

Last month, the show released a teaser for season 19 that hinted at Pompeo’s departure. On January 23, Pompeo signed a single-season contract to continue her work on Grey’s Anatomy, but it appears she’s only going to be a part-time presence this season.

Meredith Grey has played a huge part in the show since its debut in 2005. The character has been featured in a variety of arcs throughout the series, including plane crashes, bombings, and near drownings. She has been vocal about wanting to move on from her career, but her character has never been able to break free of the series.

Grey’s Anatomy has been a huge moneymaker for ABC, but has noticed a slow erosion in ratings. As a result, it’s likely the show will be renewed for another season.

Crossover with Station 19

Earlier this year, ABC released a teaser for their upcoming crossover event with Station 19, a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy. The trailer featured raging wildfires, the death of a fan-favorite doctor, and a medical emergency. The event will air in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, in 2021.

The event will feature the new chief at Station 19 and romance between two of their old flames. Meredith takes Andy to a supply closet to ensure privacy, but tells him to be brave for others. Then, she tells Andy to put on game face and get back to work.

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 have crossed over in the past. The first crossover happened in episode nine of season five. The episode was titled “Things We Lost in the Fire.” The episode featured Dean Miller’s death. The episode also featured Seattle’s first female fire chief, Natasha Ross.

The midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy saw Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) get trapped in a crashed car. The characters of Grey Sloan react to the accident, while the Station 19 crew tries to help Owen.

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