Prymrr Age

Prymrr is 17 years old as of 2022 and works as a social media influencer, dancer, model, rapper and singer. She started dancing professionally when she was nine and has competed in multiple dance competitions including winning second place at one state competition.

Jasmin completed her early schooling at Bakersfield’s local high school. Her parents are both businessmen; Jasmin is their older sister; and Xitlali their youngest.

Early Life and Education

Prymrr, 17, is an established American model, TikTok star, dancer, actress and social media influencer. She has released two official music videos as well as making an appearance on Dance Moms; additionally she participated in Abby Lee Boot Camp with Aqua Talent and BlocLA talent agencies representing her.

She first gained notoriety through her appearance in Sia’s Never Give Up music video. Since then, she has become an immensely popular singer as well as appearing in numerous films and TV shows.

Her mother is LisaAnn LoBasso and she has two siblings named Jasmin and Xitlali. However, LisaAnn has kept any details regarding their father secret; homeschooling currently allows her to focus on her career goals without interruption from traditional classroom learning environments. With great potential in various fields she holds great promise as an accomplished young professional.

Professional Career

Prymrr LoBasso is an accomplished dancer, singer, model, and social media influencer best known for her dance related videos and collaborations with famous singers. Additionally, she can be found appearing in movies and television shows.

She began dancing when she was nine years old, taking part in Abby Lee Boot Camp led by dance coach Abby Lee Miller and later appearing on Dancing Moms alongside Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler as well as being featured in Pussy Riot’s Straight Outta Vagina music video.

Her mother provides support and aids her in furthering her career. She’s currently attending a Californian school, and frequently wears long nails in YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram videos.

Achievement and Honors

Prymrr is an emerging social media influencer with a large following on YouTube and Instagram, as well as an emerging singer – she recorded some songs, such as her debut single Gamblin which earned her Best Performance in a Music Video at the 2019 Young Artist Awards.

She was born October 6, 2005, in Bakersfield, California and has two sisters named Jasmin and Xitlali. After attending local high school for early education purposes in Bakersfield she began homeschooling to focus on her career goals.

She loves animals and enjoys traveling to picturesque places such as Russia, Italy, London and Paris. Both of her parents are businessmen; she professes Christianity. Additionally, she runs her self-titled YouTube channel as well as being active on Instagram and Foto app.

Personal Life

Prymrr is an established American dancer, actress, rapper, model and social media influencer. She maintains her own YouTube channel as well as being active on Instagram where her stunning photographs have amassed an extensive following.

At just nine years old, she started her professional dancing career. She participated in Abby Lee Boot Camp run by Abby Lee Miller and appeared on Dance Moms alongside Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Furthermore, in 2016 she made an unforgettable appearance in Pussy Riot’s music video for ‘Straight Outta Vagina’ – something which made quite an impression upon viewers!

She hails from a middle-class family in Bakersfield, California, with two sisters named Jasmin and Xitlali. At present she is single and focused on building her career.

Net Worth

Prymrr, an American model, dancer, influencer, rapper, singer and actress first rose to fame through the internet virality of her images. She later went on to star in music videos such as Sia’s Never Give Up and Pussy Riot’s Straight Outta Vagina; furthermore maintaining an active YouTube channel and being one of their main social media influencers.

Her father is a businessman while her mother is a housewife; she has two siblings named Jasmin and Xitlali, with Jasmin being an animal enthusiast and taking second place in a California state wrestling competition; additionally, she earns money through TikTok accounts and other social media platforms and estimates her net worth to be around $0.5 Million.

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