Psy Net Worth

Psy Net Worth – How Much is Psy Worth?

PSY (Park Jae-sang), also known as Gangnam Style (Gangnam Style), is an internationally renowned South Korean singer, record producer, dancer, and rapper who became world-famous for his signature hit single – also appearing in films and television shows.

He became the first artist in history to reach over 900 Million views on YouTube, earning more than $40 Million through music sales, concert tours, and brand endorsements in 2012.

Early Life and Education

Psy, more widely known by his stage name Park Jae-sang, boasts an estimated net worth of $60 Million due to the global success of his hit single Gangnam Style which has been watched nearly 900 Million times on YouTube.

He reportedly dropped out of Boston University after only one semester to focus on music and take over his father’s company, taking core lessons at Berklee School of Music before dropping out again and returning home to South Korea to continue his career.

His family was likely instrumental in helping him start out in music business and purchase necessary equipment. His breakthrough came when his song, “Gangnam Style” achieved global fame.

Professional Career

Psy is best known for his success as a singer-rapper-songwriter-actor. His hit single ‘Gangnam Style’ became an instantaneous global hit and amassed him millions from music sales, advertising revenue sharing and YouTube earnings.

This unforgettable song quickly became one of the most beloved in history, leading to widespread fame for the artist involved. His star status also increased dramatically and eventually, he was considered an everyday name in many households across America.

He established his own record label, pNation. Through this label he signed other K-pop stars such as HyunA and E’Dawn. Furthermore, he is an active philanthropist who has donated to multiple causes throughout his career; many people around the world find inspiration in him due to his charismatic persona and hilarious antics.

Achievement and Honors

PSY (Park Jae-sang), better known by his initials PSY, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and video blogger best known for his viral videos and humorous stage performances. His musical career was propelled forward thanks to the hit single ‘Gangnam Style’ with its refrain being officially recognized by Yale Book of Quotations as part of The Yale Book of Quotations in 2012.

Psy is an extremely wealthy individual, and his family has seen their fortune grow due to the worldwide success of Gangnam Style. Psy’s father’s stock in an international public company skyrocketed as his song became an instantaneous global sensation.

He owns multiple properties both in the U.S. and South Korea, recently purchasing a 2,700 square-foot apartment at Blair House on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles and several exotic cars including a bulletproof Equus and Rolls Royce.

Personal Life

Park Jae-sang managed to become a multimillionaire despite opting to drop out of school to pursue a musical career, thanks to his colossal hit single “Gangnam Style.” His song took over the world and netted him millions in advertising revenue sharing revenue.

He has amassed an impressive fortune through album sales and YouTube earnings as well as acting roles and endorsement deals.

Psy’s success has also brought great benefits to his family; during the same time period of Psy’s success, his father’s public traded company experienced significant expansion. Psy currently resides in Los Angeles where he owns an elegant condo worth approximately $1.249 million as well as having amassed a sizable collection of cars.

Net Worth

Psy’s hit single “Gangnam Style” propelled him to instant international renown, becoming one of the most-viewed songs on video-sharing website YouTube and reaching number one on music charts worldwide.

He has become one of the highest-earning rappers thanks to ad revenue sharing and iTunes downloads, and endorsement deals with large brands such as Samsung. Additionally, P-Nation serves both as record label and agency where artists such as E’Dawn and Hyuna are signed to it.

Due to his success, the rapper has relocated to Los Angeles. He owns a modern condo there costing approximately $1.2 million and boasts a collection of luxury vehicles – especially Porsche and McLaren models.

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