Queen Elizabeth Coronation Plate

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Plate

The Queen Elizabeth Coronation Plate is a commemorative piece of art that pays homage to the majesty and culture of the monarch. Made in England, this plate features a broad gold band surrounding a central portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.

This porcelain souvenir plate is a well-made and neat little piece of British and Canadian royal memorabilia. The plate has a heavy gold band overlay border, a mulberry or reddish purple transferware graphic, and a crown. It is in very good vintage condition and features some gold wear.

One of the best features of this Queen Elizabeth Coronation plate is the scale. Measures 10.5″ across, the plate features a gilded rim, a center with a crown and wording stating “Queen Elizabeth”, and a matching ring for display purposes. In the words of the manufacturer, this is a “highly collectible” item. While the name and the design may be unfamiliar to the average consumer, the quality is high enough that they are sure to appreciate the fine craftsmanship.

The plate is decorated by the Canadian Art China Company. The plate is also a limited edition of 950 pieces. The central portraits are bright and colorful, and the names of the countries around them are clear and easy to read. On the reverse is a green printed mark stating, “Made in England” and the Royal Alma.

This glass plate, as the name suggests, is a reminiscence of the coronation of the illustrious Queen. This coronation is a landmark event, and the plate is a nice touch on the occasion. Featured on the plate is a “coronation” scepter and a crown.

The plate is a tad smaller than its predecessor, measuring 7″ in diameter, but it still holds its own as a very nice piece of coronation memorabilia. Aside from the crown, the plate is also notable for having a scalloped edge. It is also worth noting that it is in mint condition, as are the accompanying photographs.

Although it was not the first plate in its class, the Paragon plate is the most impressive, if not the most expensive. Not only does this plate feature a double Paragon marking, but it also has a royal coat of arms, a unicorn, and Westminster Abbey. Unlike most of the competition, the design is actually in great shape, and has no chips or cracks.

The plate has a hefty gold band overlay border, and the rim is gilded. This plate is a fine example of the art of making fine china. It is an exemplary example of the quality and craftsmanship of the era, and is a must-have for any Queen Elizabeth enthusiast.

If you are searching for the most interesting and most informative coronation plate in the world, this is the one for you. It is the perfect memento of one of the most important events in the history of Britain. You can be sure that the Queen will cherish her coronation plate for years to come.

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