Quintyn Baeumler

Quintyn Werner Baeumler

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have four children: Quintyn Werner, Lincoln Wolfgang, Charlotte Anne, and Josephine Judith. Although Bryan and Sarah homeschool their younger kids, their eldest needs to attend an academic high school for his education.

Bryan Bryan is an esteemed TV host and contractor in Canada who is best known for hosting various shows including Bryan Inc., House of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan Disaster DIY as well as appearing as a judge on Canada’s Handyman Challenge as a judge.

Early Life and Education

Quintyn Baeumler was born in 2006 to Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. As soon as he could walk, Quintyn took up horseback riding competitively at FEI North American Youth Championship. Additionally, he became well known through television appearances as well as various competitions that he participated in.

He and his family participated in the HGTV show ‘Renovation Island,’ during which they renovated an abandoned resort in the Bahamas. This show was broadcast during an outbreak.

The show chronicles their journey living and working on an island. At first, Lincoln and Quintyn home-schooled their kids before eventually opting to send them to a local school on the island. Their children include Lincoln Wolfgang, Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne and Josephine Judith; Bryan has hinted that there may be new projects underway as well.

Professional Career

Bryan Baeumler began his career as a handyman before making the leap into television hosting various home renovation shows such as Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan and ‘House of Bryan’ which later became one of HGTV Canada’s highest-rated shows.

This series featured Trish, Nyguen, Hatchie, Derek, Jimbo Antonio Wendell and Adam from Baeumler Quality Construction as employees at Baeumler Quality Construction for over ten years and their families on HGTV Canada.

Bryan and Sarah are hardworking parents who put the needs of their family first. They have four children together: Lincoln Wolfgang, Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, and Josephine Judith – with Quintyn being particularly passionate about horseback riding, winning multiple awards at Traverse City Horse Shows, Winter Equestrian Festivals, Royal Agriculture Winter Fairs etc.

Personal Life

Quintyn Baeumler is the son of Canadian TV celebrity Bryan Baeumler and Sarah. An accomplished equestrian, Quintyn represented Canada in the pre-junior division at the FEI North American Youth Championships in Canada.

He has been riding horses for 14 years. Additionally, he’s very into sports; playing baseball for two years.

Baeumler recently shared an Instagram post of his son in an airplane hangar, captioning it, “Buildin’ stuff with the boy,” without providing more details of their project.

Currenty, they reside in Florida in a home originally constructed as their rental property while renovating their house in Canada. Charlotte, Lincoln and Josephine round out their family.

Net Worth

Bryan Baeumler and Sarah have amassed a combined net worth of $20 Million. Together they run Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc which he presents numerous shows for on HGTV, an air cargo business, as well as an online marketplace for construction services.

Lincoln Wolfgang, Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne and Josephine Judith make up this family living in Wellington Florida.

Renovation Island premiered its 2017 season in 2017 when the Baeumlers purchased and renovated an abandoned resort on South Andros Islands of the Bahamas to become Caerula Mar Club hotel, significantly increasing their wealth and making this reality series an HGTV top show. Renovation Island quickly gained widespread acclaim as viewers turned out in droves for each episode of this reality show! This reality series became one of their highest-rated shows.

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