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Rachel Benjamin is an Atlanta attorney specializing in Employment & Labor: Employee issues. Her clients entrust her as one of their go-to attorneys.

She graduated from Pace Law School with a juris doctor degree. With extensive litigation experience before both state and federal courts, she brings strong representation for clients before her.

Early Life and Education

Rachel Carson was born May 27, 1907 on her family’s 64-acre homestead near Springdale, Pennsylvania and was the youngest of three children; Marian and Robert were older by ten and eight years, respectively.

She had an affinity for nature, spending long hours outdoors watching its inhabitants on her homestead. Additionally, she read extensively – particularly books related to animals.

At college, she excelled academically but found making friends difficult. Owing a debt of approximately $1,000 to Pennsylvania College after only one year full-time attendance, she quit work in order to pay tuition fees. Yet she graduated magna cum laude in 1929. Following graduation she continued writing regularly for the college newspaper as well as taking up horticulture and working as a lab assistant.

Professional Career

Rachel Benjamin works as an attorney at Beal Sutherland Berlin & Brown LLC, providing clients with assistance for Employment & Labor: Employee issues. She holds licenses to practice in Georgia and New York state courts as well as before the United States Court of Appeals for Eleventh Circuit.

She specializes in representing employees who have experienced unlawful discrimination and retaliation, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, wage theft or other workplace injustices. She has tirelessly battled for their rights while taking pride in providing high-quality representation that puts clients first.

She has written numerous academic articles and participated in a six-month study abroad program in Seville, Spain where she earned minors in international relations and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. Furthermore, she has spoken at multiple seminars and conferences.

Achievement and Honors

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Jennifer is also a writer and filmmaker who has shown her short film “Breath, Eyes Memory” at over 25 festivals nationwide. As a licensed social worker with an emphasis on strengths-based advising, Jennifer provides invaluable counsel.

Personal Life

Rachel first began writing plays as a young child, forcing her cousins to perform them at family functions. Later she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater and English and spent ten years touring both North America and parts of Europe performing.

She is a passionate advocate and has extensive experience representing clients before state, federal, and appellate courts. She has earned multiple victories for her clients in cases involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and more.

Harrison, Rachel’s son, is a third-year resident at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He and Sarah, his fiancee, make a great couple who will make fantastic parents for any children they might have in future. They plan a fall 2020 wedding. Her sisters remain close – calling each other regularly to stay in contact and keep in contact.

Net Worth

Rachel Benjamin currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $4 Million from her profession as an actress, comedian, and writer. Currently single, Rachel shares Eli Benjamin Wahl with former husband John Wahl.

She is also a lawyer, who specializes in representing employees against unlawful discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination and more. Additionally, she prosecutes wage and hour claims.

She first appeared as a regular on the 2022 episode “History” of drama series “Third Watch”, two episodes of comedy series “Up All Night”, six animated TV series such as Bob’s Burgers and appeared 92 episodes of family comedy series like Gotham; in addition, she voiced several characters for fantasy TV show Imaginary Mary that follows an office worker who finds out her childhood imaginary friend has returned.

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