5 Reasons To Contact A Lawyer After An Accident

You might be wondering if you should immediately contact a lawyer if you have been in a car crash. While it is certainly important to seek medical attention, there are also a few other reasons to consider hiring a lawyer. You may not need an attorney to file your claim, depending on the extent of your injury and the damages you sustained, especially if it is for a small amount.

Deadlines For Contacting A Lawyer After An Accident

There are many deadlines to contact a lawyer following an accident. Some deadlines are short-term, while others can be long-term. You should contact a lawyer as soon after a car accident as possible. This will help you determine whether you have a valid claim.

The statute of limitations often limits the time it takes to file a lawsuit after an accident. This limit can be extended by special laws and court decisions. To ensure that your lawsuit is filed on time, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Avoiding Admitting Fault After An Accident

It is important not to admit fault after an accident. You may lose your right to compensation from the other driver, and it could lead to traffic violations and higher insurance rates. It is also not a good idea to admit fault before the accident is fully investigated. You should wait until the police have reviewed all evidence before making a final decision.

While it is tempting to apologize after an accident, you should try not to admit fault. If you are at fault for the accident, you might have to pay the damages yourself. Moreover, you may want to submit evidence of your fault to the police so that they can determine who was at fault.

New York State Law On Comparative Negligence

New York’s comparative negligence law allows plaintiffs to recover even though they are partially responsible for the incident. The plaintiff can be compensated as long as they are not more than 50% at fault. In addition, New York is one of thirteen states that have adopted a pure comparative negligence rule.

Comparative negligence cases are common in car accidents. New York state requires drivers to wear seat belts. Lawyers often argue that a plaintiff would have been less injured if he had worn his seat belt. Another common example is a motorcycle accident in which the plaintiff wasn’t wearing a helmet, or a pedestrian accident in which the plaintiff was walking.

Recovering From An Accident

It is crucial to contact a lawyer immediately after a car accident in order to ensure a successful recovery. Your lawyer will begin investigating the case right away and take the necessary steps to help you get medical treatment. It will also help you gather new evidence, such witness statements or photos of the scene.

While you may not experience immediate pain, a whiplash injury can take days, weeks, or even months to manifest. You may not realize you are hurt until the next morning. If the accident was your fault, you may be able to recover compensation through your own insurance policy. If you had an uninsured motorist policy, you may also be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Hiring A Lawyer After An Accident

Hiring a lawyer after an accident is very important, especially if you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party. Insurance companies are in business to make money so they have a strong interest avoiding injuries-related claims. They will often devalue claims to protect their profit margins. They will work tirelessly to avoid paying you for your injuries.

Insurance adjusters are often uncooperative, so it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer. Even if your claim is small, it is worth speaking with an attorney who specializes in auto accidents. Insurance adjusters will often attempt to offer a small settlement in lieu of consulting with a lawyer. While this may be tempting, a settlement based on recorded information is often not valid in court.

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