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A Look at Rich Falco

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Falco currently serves on the faculty of Worcester Polytechnic Institute as Director of Jazz Studies. In this role he regularly adjudicates festivals, offers clinics and lectures. In addition he is involved with collecting and preserving jazz historical data as well as attending annual NEJA conferences in NYC where he has presented on this topic.

Early Life and Education

Falco first displayed signs of his talent at an early age. Even as a toddler, he could keep time with drum beats from songs he heard on the radio.

In 1981, he took a chance with his first written song: “Der Kommissar,” which became a hit across Europe and demonstrated his rebellious approach that would characterize much of his career as synth’s dark horse.

Falco was known for his artistic contributions to several world-renowned dance companies, creating ballets like “The Eagle’s Nest” and “Nights In A Spanish Garden”. Additionally, Falco was an accomplished choreographer bringing his talent both on stage and screen; such as in 1980 film Fame choreographed by him. Additionally he founded both Louis Falco Company and American Dance Theater.

Professional Career

Falco brought a refreshing sense of glamour, sexuality and haute culture to modern dance with his charismatic persona and powerful yet sensual physicality. His irreverence for pushing artistic boundaries made him both controversial and outspoken.

Professor Falco continues to share his love and knowledge of jazz as an active performing guitarist, university professor on WPI music faculty as Director of Jazz Studies, concert producer, frequent high school clinician and presenter at regional, national and international jazz education conferences. Additionally he adjudicates jazz festivals while offering guitar and Big Band directing instruction.

He has an impressive track record in charitable work and is an active supporter of AmberWatch Foundation, Broadway Cares and Save the Children. Currently living on NE 77th Ter in Henderson Nevada.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1979, Dr. Layton has been on the music faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he currently holds full time position of Director of Jazz Studies. Under his direction, ensembles led by him have performed throughout France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia Romania Italy Germany Austria Greece Canada Egypt and United States.

Falco is also the author and Narrator for “Conversations in Jazz: Brown Bags for Kids,” an engaging series of performances and workshops for kids that has become immensely popular at schools around the country. He serves as festival adjudicator, clinician, music lecturer, festival adjudicator and clinician at festivals nationwide as well as being invited to present at national and international conferences regarding jazz guitar techniques, big band directing techniques, jazz historical data collection as well as preservation of historic recordings.

Nelson + Pope currently provides engineering assistance throughout all stages of design, preparation of construction documents and office support services for multi-family, single family, commercial and industrial site development projects for private clients. In addition, he is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Personal Life

Falco was known to keep his personal life private and never provided details regarding his dating history; however, he was involved with numerous women during his lifetime.

Falco was an adept performer on a Viennese scene known for chaos, decadence and youthful liberalism – yet his friends believed there lay underneath an insecurity beneath the surface which they saw as fear of being revealed as true self.

Junge Roemer (‘Young Romans’), released in 1984, proved more of a challenge and fell short of Individualhaft’s success; nevertheless he continued his fight against soulless music industries with catchy tracks like ,,Verdammt wir leben noch” (1999) and The Spirit Never Dies” (2009) which both continue this fight posthumously.

Net Worth

Carmine De Falco has built himself an esteemed career as a financial specialist. Thanks to his dedication, his efforts have resulted in him leading an easy lifestyle while amassing an immense fortune – inspiring many aspiring professionals along the way.

Robert Iler earned a meager role on The Sopranos but has still managed to amass an estimated fortune of $8 Million thanks to successful roles in various films and television series since.

Tamara Falco is an esteemed socialite and half-sister to pop star Enrique Iglesias. Recently she has made headlines as she stars in a Netflix series entitled Lady Tamara which will undoubtedly increase both her fame and bank balance. Viewers can get an intimate glimpse into both her personal and professional lives during these episodes.

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