Richard Patrick Net Worth

According to various online sources, Richard Patrick, an internationally-known Rock Singer is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. His primary source of income comes from his music career.

He is best known as the lead vocalist of Filter and the guitarist for rock supergroup Army of Anyone; additionally he has performed alongside Nine Inch Nails during their tours as a guitarist.

Early Life and Education

Richard Patrick is an American rock singer best known for his work with Filter, formed in 1993 and having achieved considerable success with its first album Short Bus. Additionally, he co-founded and performed in Army of Anyone alongside members from Stone Temple Pilots.

He has also composed film scores. For Dark Crimes (2016) and Tobias Enhus’ Last Rampage (2017) he collaborated on their scores, respectively.

Patrick has struggled with addiction throughout his career; however, he has overcome these struggles to pursue music as his passion. Additionally, he has made significant donations to charitable causes while using his platform to bring attention to pertinent topics.

Professional Career

Richard Patrick has achieved immense fame and recognition throughout his musical career, both as lead singer of Filter and as an esteemed composer credited for film scores for various movies.

He has also written editorials and columns for various magazines and websites, such as his highly popular “Filtering the Truth” column on SuicideGirls. His fearless and thought-provoking articles demonstrate his talent at captivating audiences with words as well as music.

In 2016, he made his film composing debut by contributing to the score of Jim Carrey’s psychological thriller Dark Crimes, adding depth and tension with his compositions that gave viewers a fully immersive cinematic experience. Since then he has worked on other projects such as Last Rampage.

Achievement and Honors

Patrick has long been an established force in the music industry, earning numerous awards throughout his career. His musical talent has inspired and encouraged aspiring musicians alike while his contributions have left an indelible mark on alternative rock’s landscape.

Philanthropic causes have also benefited greatly from his generosity. This work exemplifies his compassion and empathy towards others; MusiCares and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline have both received support.

Filter’s Patrick has also composed film scores such as Dark Crimes (2016) and Last Rampage (2017) as well as writing editorials for various publications. Currently residing in California with Tina Johnson and their children.

Personal Life

Although known for his fame and success, Patrick has also made significant efforts towards supporting charities for animal welfare and mental health awareness. These philanthropic efforts have had a great impact on society – further increasing his net worth.

The musician has used his music to contribute to film and television. He has composed the soundtracks for popular movies like “Spawn,” while his pieces have also been used on various TV shows.

Richard Patrick has been married twice and is the proud parent of two children. While known for his struggles with addiction, he remains sober and focused on music production; currently working on his new Filter album due to be released sometime around 2023.

Net Worth

Richard Patrick has established himself in the music industry with a successful career that spans three decades and two genres – alternative rock, progressive and pop/alternative rock. Additionally, his fame has allowed him to contribute towards worthy charities while spreading awareness on important social issues.

Filter’s frontman and former touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. Co-founding Army of Anyone and The Damning Well as rock supergroups.

Patrick has expanded beyond music into film scoring; these royalties and earnings from these projects have contributed to his net worth.

Tina Johnson and Robert John have two children together. Robert John is an active father who supports child-related charities. Additionally, he writes editorials for several magazines. At 51 years old.

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