Rip Daniels

Rip Daniels, a Magician and Blues Marker

Rip Daniels began his morning radio show 20 years ago and has become a local icon since. Even the Mississippi Blues Society recognizes him with their own marker!

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Early Life and Education

Daniels was a talented basketball player, but chose instead to prioritize street-wise living over academics. He attended five high schools across three states, reading at only third grade level and struggling with substance abuse and criminal records.

Daniels also helped poor people in Keene. In 1965, he joined Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights movement and participated in protests against police violence in Selma, Alabama.

Daniels was also known for his tireless philanthropy. He raised funds for cancer research and muscular dystrophy research, farmers, the military and veterans. Daniels co-founded The Journey Home Project in 2014 as an effort to aid servicemen and women. Daniels is survived by his wife Hazel; donations can be made in her memory to this non-profit organization.

Personal Life

He first rose to fame by performing stunning magic tricks on television shows like BBC’s QI and Wizbit, where his town Puzzleopolis featured talking sponge balls and dice.

Deborah McGee was his second wife, having two sons with his first partner who was a ballet dancer. Following his passing she issued a thank-you message to fans for all the messages of condolence sent after his passing.

Charlie Daniels will always be remembered fondly and for his musical talent and integrity. Engaging in politics on a thread dedicated to mourning someone shouldn’t add anything new or be used as an opportunity to dig up old scandals in someone’s past.

Professional Career

Rip Daniels is the owner of JZ 94.5 radio station in Gulfport, Mississippi and has over two decades of experience as a local broadcaster in this industry. Over this time he has earned himself a strong following among his listeners as an appealing radio personality.

Since Daniels burst onto the scene as an 18-year-old freshman star at Arizona State, life has not been easy for him. Between battling influenza pandemic and being embroiled in an ASU recruiting scandal that implicated his family.

His critics charged that Hill wasn’t communicating or asserting himself during Arizona State’s 2020 and 2021 seasons. Some even suggested he might be an arrogant prima donna; but Hill asserted this wasn’t what was seen on campus.

Net Worth

Daniels had amassed an impressive net worth when he died, due to his successful musical career and widespread impact. His music touched lives all across the world.

Daniels had an exceptional musical career spanning more than three decades and genres. Throughout his time on earth, he worked with artists like Tamar Braxton – whom Daniels produced her album Love & War Daniels wrote and produced himself.

Fans and colleagues were deeply saddened to witness the passing of one of music industry’s legendary figures. Yet his legacy lives on through his impressive career achievements.

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