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Stephen ‘TWitch’ Boss – A Memorable Man Who Will Be Missed by All Who Loved Comedy

Steven was always striving to improve his work and provide better service for his clients. He was extremely knowledgeable and had an infectious sense of humor; all who knew him will miss him dearly.

Steve Jobs revolutionised how we perceived computers, turning them from cold number cruncher to something personal and one of the most influential people of modern history.

Early Life and Education

Stephen was born in a house on Mulberry Place in New Jersey and lived at various addresses during his childhood years. An avid reader, Stephen also found joy in writing stories and essays for fun.

After graduating with high grades from St Francis, Steve was accepted into the University of Natal Non European Section in Durban where he resided at Alan Taylor Residence and eventually got involved with Black Community Programmes (BCP).

At Lovedale Steve met fellow students Khaya Mbeki and Barney Pityana of Poqo, the armed wing of PAC. This meeting left Steve feeling strongly opposed to white authority; later this would inform his political views. Together with members of BCP he set up a health clinic near Zinyoka 10km from King William’s Town.

Professional Career

Steve has played an essential role in some of the most pressing civil rights issues of our time. He led the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for a nationwide class action challenging family separation at the border and has represented those seeking to overturn death sentences.

Steve also has extensive experience representing private clients in complex litigation. He has represented music publishers against copyright infringement charges; pharmaceutical companies against patent disputes over skin cream manufacture; and investment banks against securities litigation claims.

As the wine world mourns Stephen, many in its community have taken to remembering him. Oliver Styles of Decanter offers his personal and heartfelt remembrance. Wine writers such as Neal Martin and Antonio Galloni have also added their thoughts. We expect many more tributes will emerge during this week and next.

Achievement and Honors

Steve was not only a kind and generous friend; he also was an inspiring mentor who established financial endowments to assist numerous students become lighting professionals. One of his proudest moments was knowing he played an instrumental role in awakening someone’s intellectual spark – many lights now glow across intellectual skies thanks to his guidance and inspiration.

Steve was an active member of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America, serving as co-editor of its journal Tipiti as well as frequently contributing to conference sessions of that organization. Additionally, his personal academic library was donated in his name. Steve can be seen or mentioned in most Scream films with Billy stabbing him several times throughout most films in which Scream appears; in Scream 3 (2000) however he appears and is fatally wounded by him in that one.

Personal Life

Stevens was a dedicated family man who cared deeply for his children and grandchildren. Always with a warm smile and offering his couch for those in need, he generously donated his time as well as mentoring aspiring comedians.

Stevens makes his acting debut in Scream 3 (1999 film). As Billy Orth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orth. Billy Orth was Casey Becker’s romantic partner until she dumped Stu Macher for him, leading to his murder.

Kevin Patrick Walls played him and appeared as him in all five Scream films; during his death scene he is brutally disemboweled. Kevin Patrick Walls also frequently appeared as himself on The Drew Carey Show as well as Bonanza and Hang ‘Em High television programs.

Net Worth

Stephen “tWitch” Boss was best known as DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and had amassed an impressive net worth before his untimely death. On TikTok he and Allison Holker Boss gained immense acclaim for choreographed dance routines that they performed together on TikTok.

Their dance videos became immensely popular worldwide, garnering many views each day and being featured in movies and TV shows like Step Up 3D, Revolution, Blade of Glory and Magic Mike XXL.

Their work on So You Think You Can Dance earned them much-needed funds which they invested into real estate and other assets. Both parties were satisfied with life as it stood and desired to make more money in future endeavors.

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