Robert Adamo

Robert Adamo – Director/Cameraman

Robert Adamo is an award-winning director/cameraman who hails from still photography roots and offers a visual storytelling style that marries craftsman chic with low-key sophistication – an ideal match for national brands such as Discover Card and Harley Davidson.

He’s also a passionate vocalist dedicated to sharing his music with the world.

Early Life and Education

Adamo was born into a wealthy Scottish family. His father, William Adam, was an architect credited for shaping Palladian Neoclassicism.

Robert was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment rich in culture, so his early education focused heavily on arts. He taught himself piano at an early age and excelled academically.

After graduating high school, he attended Edinburgh University for five years as a student.

He later earned a master’s degree in English literature and taught for years at Edinburgh University as faculty member.

He was an artist and scholar with great devotion, evident by his letters to his family that show he was deeply religious. Plato and Aristotle’s ancient Greek philosophy particularly fascinated him; which he studied deeply.

Professional Career

Robert Adamo has decades of experience teaching Forensic Science at numerous colleges across the nation. Recently retired from Westchester County Division of Forensic Science Laboratory where he spent over four decades serving both as an analyst and supervisor in their Biology, Trace Evidence, and Crime scene sections – this experience led him to becoming an authority in Forensics.

Robert Adamo achieved international renown as an Irish tenor; his performances of Irish songs on radio and television have drawn comparisons to John McCormack (deceased), drawing great acclaim and praise. Furthermore, several noteworthy recordings produced by him have won him awards and accolades.

Achievement and Honors

Adamo’s professional achievements include his work in the construction industry, which led him to becoming an accomplished businessman. Beginning as a bricklayer for his father’s firm and later owning one himself that provided demolition services for large companies. Adamo specialized in using cutting-edge technology to make demolition safer and more efficient; additionally he earned a wrecking license so as to carry out more complex demolition projects.

As well as his successes in construction, he was recognized by the University of Michigan. There he served as director of their honors program and was even appointed full professor; however his tenure was cut short after accusations surfaced that he used offensive language during a class session.

Personal Life

Rob Adamo is a Director/Cameraman who brings an outdoorsy charm and rock-n-roll attitude to his visual storytelling. Equally comfortable renovating rustic cabins in the mountains as shooting an editorial layout for fashion magazines, his approach always feels authentic; making it look easy for his clients while having an incredible time while doing it all!

Kathy Joyce Skrak (Skrak), his wife who died January 19, 2020 due to heart disease, will be missed dearly by all who knew and loved her – her children Jennifer Weech, Erik; Roxanne Belmonte; Mark D’Adamo II and Blaz D’Adamo as well as mother Lucille Skrak and siblings Robert Skrak, Rosanne McLaughlin Christine Skrak and Sharon Lanera among many. She will always remain remembered fondly.

Net Worth

Robert Adamo currently boasts a net worth of $101,2994 dollars. His current holdings include 6,812 shares in Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd (GNK). Over the past 18 months he made four insider transactions related to Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd (GNK). More details regarding these insider transactions are provided in his Latest Holdings Summary section. Additionally, Robert owns shares in several other companies such as Unipharm, Inc where he served as former President helping increase sales by double digits while quadrupling earnings all in a single year while simultaneously helping reduce administrative costs by more than $5 Million annually.

His net worth can be determined based on an estimation of all his assets and liabilities.

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