Roger Hazard Net Worth

Roger Hazard Net Worth – 60 Years Old Television Presenter

Roger Hazard is a world-renowned television presenter, with an enormous global fan following. At 60, he’s settled down with an excellent family life while earning significant sums from his television Presenting career.

Hazard served as host of the internationally popular show Sell This House from 2003 until 2011. He left Sell This House and founded Roger + Chris furniture and home design with Chris Stout as partners.

Early Life and Education

Roger Hazard holds a bachelor of landscape architecture degree. Initially he designed and maintained landscapes for residential properties. Later, his focus shifted towards home design where he discovered the architectural potential in neglected historical homes he found for restoration projects.

He became well-known as the host of A&E’s Sell This House show. Additionally, he wrote daily columns for Austin-American Statesman newspaper as well as appearing on CBS, ABC, NBC as well as national magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal USA TODAY TV Guide & Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Stout and Roger Lagasse have formed the dynamic duo Roger + Chris, a furniture and home design company they launched together. Since 2016, they have resided in a home they bought. Together, their on and off screen chemistry and complementary skills have made them fan favorites.

Professional Career

Hazard holds a degree in landscape architecture and specializes in designing outdoor spaces to increase home value. His expertise also spans design, as he has been featured in multiple national and international publications.

After eight seasons on the show, Hazard left acting and launched Roger + Chris with her husband Chris Stout-Hazard – a furniture and home design company. They currently reside in Sharon Springs, New York where they’ve focused their renovation efforts over the last year on renovating their own residence.

Eden Hazard currently plays for Real Madrid as one of their key players and has helped win multiple titles, such as the Spanish league and UEFA Champions League. He is known for his speed, skill and technical ability; representing Belgium at multiple tournaments worldwide and is widely considered one of the greatest players worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Hazard rose to fame when he was cast as home stager and designer on A&E’s Sell This House for eight seasons, also appearing in spin-offs such as Move This House and Sell This House: Extreme. After leaving Sell This House he founded Roger + Chris furniture design company.

Chris Stout lives in Sharon Springs, New York and proudly displays his relationship on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Hazard is an immensely successful television personality who earns huge sums of money through his career as a presenter for various networks. He has won multiple awards throughout his career. Furthermore, his relationships with family and friends remain strong.

Personal Life

Roger Hazard has earned himself an esteemed place in the design world through his work on television shows, authoring books, brand endorsements and public speaking engagements. His success stands as proof of his hard work and commitment.

Tanya Memme and Roger Hazard have won over audiences with their expertise on Sell This House. Together they form an unshakeable bond both on and off screen; thanks to this mutual respect for one another they have quickly become a force within home improvement.

Eden Hazard is an accomplished professional footballer currently playing for Real Madrid of Spain. Hailing from Belgium, Eden has won multiple accolades during his career – being fan favorite and creating an enormous following on social media.

Net Worth

Hazard’s career skyrocketed when he was cast as the host of A&E’s Sell This House in 2003. The show quickly became a smash hit, and launched spin-offs such as Move This House and Sell This House: Extreme. He continued starring on it until 2012, when he decided to launch Roger + Chris furniture and home design company with his husband.

Couple has experienced all of life’s ups and downs together, yet managed to maintain strong feelings towards one another. They’ve shared adorable pictures on social media to provide fans with a glimpse into their life together.

These two are passionate car enthusiasts and own an impressive Audi car collection. Additionally, they often host parties and other special events together.

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