Roger Henry

Roger Henry

Roger Henry is an accomplished businessperson who has held various roles with Discovery Inc and Velocity TV, most recently serving as its Vice President of Programming. Under his guidance some of Velocity’s most beloved shows were developed and introduced onto their schedules.

He has also established a community football club to assist young people in breaking free from gang culture, building confidence and self-management skills, and making strides into education, work and training.

Early Life and Education

Roger Henry was raised by a loving and committed family, where his experiences at Catholic school and on an undefeated high school football team helped shape him for a life of service and purpose.

After graduating high school, he joined the Navy, forging friendships that have endured up until his passing. Following this experience, he went on to college to further his studies and eventually earned degrees in law and chemical engineering.

Later partnering with David Eide in a securities firm, where he built up an impeccable expertise on security law, as well as managing his family business; overseeing its successful transition into third generation ownership and management. Furthermore, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual offered him opportunities to give back while his wife enjoyed living near Lake Minnetonka and hosting frequent family gatherings there.

Professional Career

Roger Henry is currently the Vice President of Programming at MotorTrend TV (formerly Velocity). With more than three decades of television experience under his belt, including Iron Ressurection, Texas Metal, Bitchin Rides, All Girls Garage Wheeler Dealers Live and Barrett-Jackson Live among others he currently oversees budget, strategy and scheduling for some of their most popular shows such as this.

He enjoys playing guitar and has transcribed hundreds of pop/rock songs by ear. Additionally, he provides private guitar lessons.

He found great happiness in spending time with his wife and daughter; together they enjoyed running, golfing, attending baseball games (go Tribe!) as well as traveling, movies, restaurants and sharing laughs together. He will be greatly missed; he was truly an extraordinary individual and great friend to many.

Achievement and Honors

Roger Henry has become well-known for his realistic portraiture, with works held in private collections worldwide and receiving commissions to paint members of both the media and business worlds.

He served as director of service-learning at Brevard Community College, creating publications and programs that became national models. Additionally, he directed Florida Campus Compact which helped institutions across Florida build infrastructure for service learning programs.

Outside of work, he was deeply dedicated to his family, working tirelessly to give them a good life. Additionally, he was an active volunteer – running football and music coaching activities for local children as well as organizing ‘Taken Too Soon’; an event honoring young people killed due to violence. Finally, he was an avid sports fan who enjoyed running, cycling, golfing, horse races, beer festivals etc.

Personal Life

Roger was deeply dedicated to both his family and friends, being highly generous in helping those less fortunate whenever possible. A great listener with an infectious laugh, Roger loved attending bluegrass festivals, sporting events, euchre & cribbage games as well as spending time outdoors playing weekly.

He was an active member of Scripteasers, a group of playwrights who meet to read aloud their plays for constructive criticism and writing help. Additionally, he volunteered for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) as well as mentoring young people in his community.

Henry was instrumental in the launch and growth of Mythbusters and Survivorman during his time at Discovery, along with Science Channel, Investigation Discovery, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids and Counting franchises.

Net Worth

MotorTrend TV (formerly Velocity), where he oversees programming strategies and scheduling. Under his watchful eye have come popular series such as IRON RESURRECTION, TEXAS METAL, BITCHIN’ RIDES, ALL GIRLS GARAGE SQUAD and WHEELER DEALERS which have experienced immense success due to his work.

After his professional football career had concluded, Roger Staubach turned his focus to real estate as a business venture and has seen his wealth increase by millions each year through this field of endeavor. He owns multiple luxury properties as well as making donations to worthy causes.

His net worth has been estimated at approximately $30 Million as of 2021. He is an internationally-acclaimed musician known for being the bassist, lyricist and co-lead vocalist in Pink Floyd band since their formation in 1965.

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