Roger Nolan

Roger Nolan is a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing mindfulness-based psychotherapy, who serves on the adjunct faculty of Antioch University Los Angeles’s Master of Arts Psychology program.

Nolan brings an impressive background in life sciences to both academic research and biotech startup companies. He has extensive experience working on projects related to preclinical and clinical drug development, regulatory strategy, financing (both dilutive and non-dilutive), financing strategy development and business development.

Early Life and Education

Roger Nolan hails from West Baltimore. After graduating the police academy in 1968 and starting his career, he soon found himself working alongside several of his childhood friends on the force as a Homicide Squad Supervisor.

He is an outgoing, carefree personality with an undying prankster’s attitude. Often engaged in mischief-making schemes and not shy about sharing his opinions freely, this character shows no empathy for those affected by his behavior and engages in elaborate plots just to get what he wants – such as access to an estate document of one of their family members.

He often employs multiple alter egos to propel an episode’s main or subplot forward, including murder, robbery, police corruption and drug trafficking activities. Some of these personas may engage in illegal activity including murder, robbery, police corruption and drug trafficking.

Professional Career

Roger Nolan is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist who teaches adaption of mindfulness practices for clinical practice. He holds both his Doctorate (Magna Cum Laude) from California Southern University and Masters Degree with depth emphasis from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

He worked as a sergeant with Baltimore’s Homicide Squad and became known for keeping police business and family business separate while dispensing information only as necessary.

Roger has adopted this philosophy into his work at Reinhardt. He helps clients discover their brand voice and brand advocates. Outside of work, Roger enjoys playing golf and cheering on his children’s sports teams; additionally he coaches Reinhardt women’s basketball team. Roger is an anxiety sufferer; however, through mindfulness practice he has found ways to instantly calm his fearful feelings.

Achievement and Honors

Roger Nolan, co-founder of Sonopia, has over twelve years of experience developing cutting edge mobile applications. At Psion he oversaw development of communication and telephony subsystems for Symbian platforms – which shipped on over 30 million handsets. Furthermore, Roger played an instrumental role in building and managing teams responsible for Nokia licensee projects on Symbian license.

Nolan has lectured frequently at Cornell University and is also an active member of both the International Society for Hospitality Consultants and Hotel Owners Association. Additionally, he has published many articles related to developing, renovating, repositioning and realignment of hospitality real estate properties.

Nolan was honored with induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame upon first eligibility in 1999, after amassing 5,714 strikeouts and seven no-hitters during his illustrious career.

Personal Life

Roger Nolan and his wife have been happily married since 1995 and share two children. He has 31 years of coaching experience, coaching at high schools in Georgia such as Creekview and Parkway High Schools in Canton.

He holds both a Master’s of Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and Doctorate of Psychology degree from California Southern University (Summa Cum Laude). Additionally, he teaches mindfulness meditation techniques to psychotherapy clients and students.

Nolan grew up in Sparrows Point before enrolling in the police academy in 1968. Later, as a Homicide Squad supervisor he would offer victims’ families honest assessments even when justice seemed out of reach; also taking advantage of new technologies that revolutionized cold case work to catch criminals who may otherwise have gone undetected.

Net Worth

Nolan enjoyed a long and prosperous baseball career, amassing over $70 million through earnings during that time. He is widely considered one of the greatest pitchers ever seen on Major League Baseball fields.

Nolan made his transition from professional baseball to working as an advisor with the Houston Astros shortly after retiring from playing professionally, while serving on the Texas Parks Wildlife Commission for six years.

Nolan is an accomplished investor who has made notable investments in several noteworthy companies including Carbon Health, Dapper Labs, Crosschq and Lyra Health. Additionally, Nolan made numerous stock trades – the largest being 80,748 units of Fidelity National Inc on June 2, 2017 which totaled approximately $1.908,075. His estimated net worth ranges between $700,000.001-1 Million.

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