Rosamond Oliver

Rosamond Oliver – A Personality Profile based on Extrovert Sensing (Se)

Rosamond Oliver is the stunning daughter of Mr. Oliver, one of Morton’s wealthiest residents. She provides funding for Jane’s school. In addition to that, Rosamond exudes good-humored gaiety and generosity.

St. John Rivers becomes drawn to her beauty and personality, yet he cannot marry her due to her inability to commit the necessary endurance necessary for being his missionary wife.

Early Life and Education

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Rosamond Oliver is the beautiful daughter of Mr. Oliver, the richest resident in Morton. She funds Jane’s girls’ school, despite St. John’s affection, but realizes she won’t make an ideal missionary wife due to her fun-loving and superficial personality.

She meets Mr. Granby and finds him much better suited for the work. He is a man of strong moral principles who does not pursue marriage for practical or financial reasons like many of the other characters in the novel.

Professional Career

She first made an impactful debut as Harriet, the head-girl in 2008’s Wild Child and, later that year, as Sophie in Tormented – both horror films from 2009 starring Slasher star Eli Roth. Additionally she made appearances in One Night in November on stage and on BBC fantasy drama Merlin as well.

As soon as Jane arrives in Morton, she discovers that Rosamond Oliver, whom Jane finds immensely attractive, funds the school. St. John also discloses to Jane that while initially feeling his career choice was wrong he now believes he has been called to become a missionary in India.

Jane soon becomes a beloved teacher, yet occasionally finds her work interrupted by troubling dreams about Rochester. Soon thereafter, Rosamond approached Jane asking her to create a portrait for Rosamond; as Jane worked she discovered they shared a special bond.

Achievement and Honors

Jane is hired as a teacher at Morton Academy, founded by Rosamond Oliver – and quickly finds that its pupils are eager learners as well as highly intelligent; work that fulfills her with joy despite frequent dreams about Rochester.

Georgia King made her professional acting debut as Rosamond Oliver in the 2006 Jane Eyre movie adaptation, yet almost couldn’t perform due to an appendectomy during filming. To honor their philanthropy legacy and recognize outstanding individuals whose generosity helps strengthen New Hampshire communities, the University of New Hampshire Board of Directors created the Hubbard Family Award in 2001 – this recognizes outstanding individuals whose extraordinary generosity strengthens New Hampshire communities.

Personal Life

Rosamond Oliver is the daughter of Mr. Oliver, a wealthy proprietor in Morton. St. John Rivers finds her appealing but is unwilling to marry her due to his belief that she lacks endurance for missionary work.

Rosamond visits Jane at school, who draws her a portrait. Rosamond finds this captivating, and St. John is attracted by Rosamond but represses these feelings, dismissing Rosamond as superficial.

St. John is dedicated to his religious duties, yet cold and hardhearted in other regards. He shies away from emotional or romantic attachments in favor of missionary work; more interested than anything in disguising his ambitions for marriage as offers of employment; even deceiving himself about why he kidnaps Lionel and Rosamund.

Net Worth

Rosamond Oliver’s father is one of Morton’s wealthiest individuals, using his money for good causes – particularly helping St. John Rivers run his school at Lowood and Jane’s school at Lowood. Rosamond falls deeply in love with St. John, yet due to their differing circumstances they cannot marry due to his resolve to become a missionary; St. John describes Rosamond as “beautiful, kind, and generous,” yet lacks the ability to see her as more than this; being an Extroverted Sensing (Se) type himself he cannot see that Rosamond truly exists and thus cannot recognize who Rosamond truly is or more accurately portray her true self; Rosamond secretly loves St John despite having no ability to comprehend that Rosamond truly exists despite this (Be).

Mr. Briggs is Rochester’s solicitor. He strives to prevent an unwed marriage from taking place and searches for Jane after the death of her uncle so she may receive her inheritance. At Lowood School, Miss Scatcherd serves as history and grammar instructor. Unfortunately she can be cold towards her students.

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