Scott Benjamin

Scott Benjamin – A Biography

Scott Benjamin was an influential chemist who served on the Manhattan Project after World War II, as well as being instrumental in creating Geiger counters – instruments used to detect radiation.

He’s an outstanding teacher who knows his subject thoroughly. Although he assigns many assignments, it’s worth taking his class if biology is something you are passionate about.

Early Life and Education

Scott Benjamin was born in Midway, Woodford County, Kentucky to Samuel and Polly Anderson Scott and was their fourteenth child out of fifteen children. Scott Benjamin was extremely intelligent and well educated, graduating near the top of his class from a preparatory school in Cincinnati before enrolling at Miami University in Oxford Ohio for further studies.

He was one of few African American scientists to participate in World War II’s monumental Manhattan Project – one of the greatest scientific endeavors ever undertaken – as one of its few African American scientists and helped develop the Geiger counter before later becoming technical director at New England Nuclear Assay Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

As soon as he could talk, he began making his family laugh with his unique sense of humor, often entertaining them from the dinner table. He took great pride in entertaining everyone around him with laughter.

Professional Career

Scott Benjamin is an internationally acclaimed expert on cutting-edge clinical oral healthcare practices. He specializes in the development and advancement of cutting-edge technologies like CAD-CAM dentistry, lasers, dental computerization/imaging as well as practice management. Scott serves on three ADA Standards Committees for Dental Products/Informatics as well as three Working Groups where he serves as chairman.

He has lectured around the globe on his expertise. Additionally, he has published multiple books related to dentistry and technology as well as having his work featured in leading scientific journals.

As a part-time instructor at Boston University Wheelock College of Education and Human Development and Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, he specializes in biology and environmental science instruction. Additionally, he has devised new courses such as cross-curricular cluster sequences focusing on environmental science/political science/science writing; tropical field ecology study-abroad programs; as well as creating his own courses.

Achievement and Honors

Scott Benjamin is an award-winning veteran who has received numerous honors. He was recently included in both Marquis Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. Additionally, Scott gives back to the community by participating in programs and organizations dedicated to racial equality.

He has served on both the General Book and Missionary Committees of his church as well as being delegated to both national and international Methodist conventions. Furthermore, he served as editor of Southwestern Christian Advocate and addressed local as well as global issues in his editorials.

He is a fun teacher who knows his stuff well. Although assignments and tests may be frequent, those interested in biology will find his class to be invaluable.

Personal Life

Scott was known to always put his family first and to all those he came in contact with as someone they deeply respected and adored. His dry sense of humor was hard not to love!

He was an expert at photo restorations, photo airbrushing and graphics; even severely damaged photos could be transformed. Additionally, he even designed logos for numerous singing groups and businesses.

He was an avid reader and writer for HowStuffWorks. His interests included history, law and logic; his strong work ethic was constantly pushing him towards being his best self. He will be greatly missed by his wife, son, brother and countless friends at Nelson-Bauer Funeral Home of Holdrege who will arrange funeral arrangements in his name.

Net Worth

At this point in 2023, Scott Benjamin is estimated to be worth around $2.5 million. With an extensive following on YouTube and expected to continue growing over time, his net worth should only continue rising over time.

Armstrong cofounded crypto derivatives exchange FTX and owns large stakes in its FTT tokens as well as other cryptocurrency firms. Additionally, he operates Alameda Research’s quantitative crypto research. Armstrong has seen his fortune suffer greatly in recent months with Coinbase stock prices declining and major cryptocurrencies taking a dive.

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