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Why Would You Want to Be a Seal?

Seal nets are used by researchers worldwide to safely restrain marine mammals during disentanglement procedures or other procedures that involve disentanglement, such as disentangling. Government agencies, universities and conservation groups all rely on this tool.

Ingram and her colleagues are using facial recognition software to monitor harbor seals in Maine’s Casco Bay and learn more about them and their behavior.

Early Life and Education

Seals are semiaquatic mammals that visit land to rest, breed, molt (annually shed old fur), give birth and haul out for food and hunting. Their body has evolved with this lifestyle by having thick blubber layers which store enough fat to last them several months at sea.

SealNet software can detect individual harbor seals in field photographs and is an invaluable tool for ecological studies of wild marine mammal populations. By employing this new technology, we are now able to investigate social relationships and aggregations of harbor seals at local haul-out sites.

SealNet outperforms PrimNet on both recognition tasks: closed-set identification and open-set verification. While its closed-set identification performance could be further enhanced by altering its architecture, its open-set verification performance could benefit from additional enhancements.

Professional Career

Seals are intuitive, confident and capable people, willing to put themselves in harm’s way for their nation and perform tasks that most wouldn’t even consider doing. Without that drive and dedication to service, becoming a SEAL may not be for you; you may wonder why you ever wanted to become one in the first place.

Krista Ingram and Ahmet Ay traveled to Casco Bay this summer, alongside student researchers Lauren Horstmyer ’22 and Hailey Orff ’24 from Colgate University, to capture thousands of seal faces for use in SealNet – their innovative new seal facial recognition software that outperformed an 88% primate face recognition program by an impressive 8%. This technology could have significant implications; helping identify seals at different haul-out sites, determine migration trends and understand harbor seal social behavior are just a few potential uses.

Personal Life

Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, more popularly known by his stage name Seal, is a British singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer who made most of his fortune from music industry activities such as Crazy, Kiss From a Rose, and Love’s Divine.

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Net Worth

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