Sean Campos

Sean Campos-Duffy

Sean appeared on Road Rules: All Stars in 1998 and San Francisco 2000 from Real World fame. In 2002 he obtained his law degree and later served as Ashland County, Wisconsin’s District Attorney.

Sean and Rachel both place great value on family relationships, believing that family breakdown lies at the root of many of America’s problems.

Early Life and Education

Campos-Duffy serves as national spokesperson for the LIBRE Initiative and advocates that Hispanic Americans prioritize economic liberty, self-reliance and constitutionally limited government. She also enjoys discussing family matters such as faith and culture.

Rachel and Sean first met while competing on MTV reality series ‘The Real World,’ with Rachel appearing in 1994 and Sean appearing in 1998 in Road Rules: Boston. Ultimately they stayed together after leaving the show and now share eight children together.

The couple share a strong dedication to family and are dedicated to the reunification of siblings. Additionally, they firmly believe that family dissolution is at the core of America’s problems; consequently they actively support legislation designed to strengthen families. They have even published an All American Christmas cookbook as part of this effort.

Professional Career

She regularly appears as a contributor on Fox News shows such as “Outnumbered” and “Fox & Friends,” drawing upon her proficiency in Spanish to reach a wider audience.

Campos is also an accomplished author, having written books on health and parenting topics. Together with Sean Duffy, they have nine children together – Valentina was born with a heart defect which required surgery, and on social media they thanked ‘everyone who prayed’ for her on social media. Together the couple enjoy curating an extensive home library as well as reading together and playing video games together; all living happily ever after in Ashland County Wisconsin since 1999!

Personal Life

Duffy currently hosts The Bottom Line on Fox Business and contributes to Fox News, becoming known through MTV’s Real World series (The Real World Boston and Road Rules All Stars), before becoming District Attorney for Ashland County in Wisconsin before being elected as Representative from its 7th Congressional District.

Rachel Campos-Duffy is an internationally-recognized Latina commentator on family, political and cultural matters. As spokesperson of the LIBRE Initiative promoting principles such as constitutionally limited government, economic liberty and self-reliance among Hispanic Americans.

She appears regularly as a guest on The Laura Ingraham Show and her political activism has focused on protecting American families while addressing any underlying social issues which hinder their ability to flourish.

Net Worth

Duffy has amassed a substantial fortune as a politician, prosecutor, former sports commentator and reality TV personality. Currently he works as a Fox News contributor where he enjoys a good salary.

He is also an accomplished professional athlete and holds two speed-climbing records. Additionally, he earned both his undergraduate marketing degree at St Mary’s University and law degree from William Mitchell School of Law.

Rachel Campos-Duffy and he have eight children together; the couple met through MTV reality show Road Rules: All Stars. Currently living in Ashland, Wisconsin together as a close-knit family that loves spending time together; known for their conservative political beliefs they serve as an excellent role model to young people looking for balance between work and family life.

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