Sean Sticks Larkin Ex Wife

Sean Sticks Larkin and His Ex Wife Lana Del Rey

Sean Sticks Larkin is a popular television personality. He has worked for the Tulsa Police Department for many years. He has also hosted a number of shows. He has a huge fan base on social networking sites. He is a father to two children. He is interested in various sports. He is concerned with his daily workout routine, diet, and mental fitness.

Before becoming a popular TV personality, he had a relationship with Lana Del Rey. They met through work in New York. When they met, they instantly hit it off. They were photographed together in Central Park in New York City. They wore cream and black off-the-shoulder dresses. They have a 12-year age gap. They have been seen at several events, including the pre-2020 Grammy gala.

During their relationship, they dated for six months. They eventually broke up. However, they are still friends. They are currently dating. They made their relationship public on Instagram in December.

After their divorce, he was able to get custody of their kids. They have a daughter, Alyssa, who is studying nutrition and brain research at the College of Oklahoma. They had a son, Patrick, who was born in 2003.

Before Larkin began working as a law enforcement officer, he was a married guy. He was involved in a marriage, but his wife was not present when he was on the job. This led to problems. It was also the reason why he had to divorce Tammy Jean Stocks. He was not able to take care of his kids while she was away.

After their split, Sean and Tammy had a rocky relationship. Their marriage was a long one. They married in 2000. They had a daughter, Alyssa, in 1997. They welcomed their son, Patrick, in March 2003. After a couple of years, they ended their marriage. Their children were raised as single parents. After they separated, they did not speak.

As for their current relationship, Larkin and Del Rey have been spotted hanging out with their kids. They have been photographed on the beach, in the park, and even in Central Park. They have shared beautiful pictures on their Instagram accounts. When they learned about the relationship, their kids were shocked.

According to media reports, Larkin and Del Rey have a 12-year age gap. The singer is also an avid social media user. She regularly shares stunning images on her Instagram account. She has over 240k followers. She has also been featured on YouTube.

Although his love life has been kept private, he has a fan base on social networking sites. He is an avid Twitter user. He posts photos of his workouts and other sports on his Instagram. He has over 4.6k followers. He has also been the host of a series called Coptales and Cocktails.

The only other thing we know about his career is that he has been involved in the gang unit of the Tulsa Police Department. He has been a part of the department for more than 20 years. He has a height of 6 feet. He has also written for several TV shows and is the host of the Live PD Show on the A&E network. He has also worked for Tom Morris Jr.

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