Sebastian Gorka Net Worth

Sebastian Gorka is an American national security expert and political commentator best known for his numerous television and radio shows as well as writing multiple books and acting as an active consultant.

His income has been supplemented through book sales, media appearances and consulting work. He is well known among conservative media as an authority on national security matters.

Early Life and Education

Sebastian Gorka was born in England to Hungarian parents and later naturalized as an American citizen in 2012. He is widely-recognized as an author with an avid following on social media. Educated at St Benedict’s School in west London before studying philosophy and theology at Heythrop College of the University of London for his bachelor degree.

Gorka has published multiple books on national security issues and frequently appears as an expert guest on news programs like Fox News. As such, his income streams come primarily from book sales, speaking engagements, and consulting work – earning a considerable annual sum through book sales, speaking engagements and consulting work.

Gorka is married to Katharine Fairfax Cornell, an expert on counterterrorism for the department of homeland security. Together they have two children Paul and Julia.

Professional Career

Sebastian Gorka is an internationally acclaimed political commentator, author, and speaker renowned for his conservative politics and anti-jihad rhetoric. Additionally, Sebastian is an expert on counterterrorism having gained knowledge through military service as an advisor for Hungary’s Ministry of Defense as well as from his advising work for other governments such as Hungary’s.

Gorka’s bestselling books and appearances on various news outlets have won him widespread admiration, while also earning income through consulting and advisory work. His extensive academic knowledge combined with his vast national security knowledge has allowed him to amass considerable wealth; currently affiliated with Salem Radio and Fox News and hosting America First on Salem Radio.

Achievement and Honors

Gorka is an esteemed speaker who has made several TV show appearances. Additionally, his podcast ‘Gorka’s Reality Check’ airs on Salem radio station. Furthermore, Gorka possesses various expertise such as military and intelligence analyst analysis as well as authorship. He is renowned media personality.

His political views have earned him a large fan base and contributed significantly to his financial success. He has written books such as “Defeating Jihad” and “Why We Fight,” as well as serving as an advisor at the White House and providing consulting work – further increasing his net worth.

Gorka married Katharine Fairfax Cornell of Pennsylvania since 1996; the two married at St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Sopron, Hungary on October 15, 2013 to close friends and family members present for their ceremony.

Personal Life

Gorka has leveraged his diverse academic background to establish himself in both political and media spheres. Book sales, media appearances, consulting work and real estate investments have contributed significantly to his impressive net worth.

In 2021, Gorka launched his weekly program ‘The Gorka Reality Check’ on Newsmax TV which has earned him an attractive salary.

Gorka was born in London, UK, to Hungarian parents who fled after the failed anti-Soviet revolution of 1956 and settled here as refugees. His father belonged to Vitezi Rend – an extremist right-wing Hungarian exile group with links to right-wing extremism – though Gorka denies membership of this right-wing Hungarian exile group; news channels have found images showing Gorka wearing one of its medals, creating controversy surrounding potential extremist links to extremist groups.

Net Worth

Sebastian Gorka is an esteemed political commentator and author who has amassed significant wealth through various endeavors, such as publishing best-selling books, national security consulting work and media appearances. These endeavors have all helped contribute to his current net worth.

Gorka has been an avid listener of talk radio since childhood when he would stay up late listening to London Broadcasting Company shows on a transistor radio. Today he serves as both political commentator and military intelligence analyst.

Recently, Gorka began hosting his America First with Sebastian Gorka show on Salem Radio from 3 to 6 pm ET. Additionally, in September 2019 he became a spokesperson for Relief Factor, a fish oil supplement company which claims its products to be 99% drug-free and highly effective at relieving pain.

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