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Shaquille O’Neal Passes Away at the Age of 40

Shaq was deeply impacted by his father, Philip Harrison. According to reports by, though he rarely spoke up, Philip imparted invaluable wisdom upon his children despite this.

Jordanna Barrett shared an emotive post to honor and thank fans in memory of 2-year-old daughter Arrayah who passed away last month. Jordanna thanked fans for the “meals, flowers, gifts and support”.

Early Life and Education

Shaq is an inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and one of the greatest players ever seen in NBA history. Throughout his storied career he earned numerous accolades and awards – both locally and nationally.

On Thursday, O’Neal and his family experienced a heartbreaking loss with Ayesha Harrison-Jex’s passing from cancer at only 40. O’Neal’s co-commentators on TNT’s Inside the NBA offered their condolences immediately and Charles Barkley even called Ayesha Harrison-Jex a pillar of our community.”

O’Neal did not know his biological father when growing up, yet respected Philip A. Harrison as his foster care provider. According to Undefeated, O’Neal has spoken at length about Harrison instilling discipline at an early age; these lessons helped shape him into becoming successful as an oversized superstar.

Professional Career

Shaq has three siblings whom he was close with while growing up; when his sister Ayesha Harrison Jex passed away from cancer at 40, it hit Shaq hard; especially since she had managed to overcome it long enough to receive her college degree before passing away.

Shaq may appear intimidating on the court, but his generous nature belies this image. In addition to being a champion on court, he also likes to entertain his fans through music, jokes and DJ gigs – as well as through his successful rap career in which he collaborated with some of hip-hop’s biggest names, including Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Nas.

He and Shaunie, his wife, are parents to four children together.

Achievement and Honors

Apart from his NBA success, Shaq has also found great success in film, music, and television production. Additionally, he established The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation and now serves as studio analyst on TNT’s Inside the NBA show.

Shaq and Kobe Bryant formed an iconic duo during the NBA’s early 2000s resurgence, dominating for eight years and winning three championships together.

Shaq recently spoke with The Undefeated about the 20th anniversary of Biggie Smalls’ death. Shaq reflected upon their close relationship and what could have transpired if both attended that fateful party together.

Personal Life

Ayemah-Shaq is a multi-media celebrity with multiple albums of both rap and music released under his name as well as movies like ‘Blue Chips’ starring him. Additionally, he hosts his own reality show dedicated to helping children stay healthy.

Shaq has endured much over his lifetime. His seven-year marriage to ex-wife Shaunie ended in divorce, and since then he has lost both his little sister and former LA Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant who died tragically last year due to a helicopter accident.

Losing two loved ones so quickly has been devastating to Big Diesel and has made him struggle to cope. Yet he remains upbeat, spreading joy to those he encounters every day.

Net Worth

Shaquille O’Neal retired with an impressive net worth of $400 Million thanks to a series of NBA championships and huge earnings from salaries, endorsements and businesses he owned or founded during his playing days.

Since his rise, The Big Diesel has built an incredible empire. He owns 50 brands across various economic sectors – restaurants, fitness centers and car washes among them – while starring in commercials for Apple, Reebok and Buick among many others.

Shaq maintains an extensive portfolio of business interests as well as serving as an analyst on TNT show Inside the NBA, earning $10 Million a year through this position. Furthermore, he owns multiple properties outside Florida including one with 35,000 square foot main house featuring an indoor basketball court measuring 6,000 square feet – plus several others within gated communities that feature such luxurious homes as Shaq’s luxurious mansion in Orlando located within gated community with indoor basketball court measuring 6 000 sq.

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