Shona Learoyd

Shona Learoyd is married to multi-instrumentalist Ian Anderson. Together they have two children; Gael Anderson works in entertainment while James Duncan Andreson followed in his father’s footsteps as a musician by starting Chequered Rain band.

Early Life and Education

Shona Learoyd is best-known as the second wife of British musician, singer, and songwriter Ian Anderson. They met while working as press officers for Jethro Tull record label Chrysalis Records during the 1970s.

She studied ballet for 10 years, before working as a press officer at Chrysalis Records. Additionally, she is an active dancer who has participated in several shows.

Her son James Duncan Anderson has taken after his father by making a career out of music. At 13 he began playing drums and formed Chequered Rain as an attempt at success; unfortunately though this did not materialize into anything concrete.

Shona and her husband have been happily married for many years, proving that love can conquer all. Now all three of their children, including Gael Anderson, have achieved professional status within their fields of interest.

Professional Career

Shona Learoyd has been part of the entertainment industry for over 10 years. As a dancer, she has performed in several shows while serving as press officer at Chrysalis Records.

Homemaker and caretaker of two children; James Duncan Anderson is following in his father Ian Anderson’s footsteps as a musician.

Gael has appeared in various movies and TV series since her debut appearance in 1972’s Gone Up North for a While. Later she played Elizabeth in 1975 drama film Landfall before appearing as a policewoman in 1976 TV movie The God Boy by Ian Cross based on his novel of the same name.

Achievement and Honors

Shona Learoyd rose to prominence after she married British musician Ian Anderson. As the mother of James Duncan Anderson and Gael Anderson – two sons who followed in his footsteps as professional musicians themselves.

Shona and her husband first met during her time as press officer for Jethro Tull’s record label in the 1970s. Soon thereafter, they started dating and decided to get married soon afterwards.

Shona and her husband, Tim, enjoy an idyllic life together with their two children in London, England. However, Shona prefers not to share details of her personal life on social media and prefers keeping this part of her life private from prying eyes.

Personal Life

Shona Learoyd became famous after marrying Scottish musician and vocalist Ian Anderson in 1976, becoming known as the mother of actress/The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln’s children Matilda Clutterbuck and Arthur Clutterbuck.

Learoyd studied ballet for 10 years and worked as the press officer at Jethro Tull’s record label Chrysalis Records as well as being a popular figure within the music industry and has not shown signs of divorce from her spouse.

Ian was previously married to Jennie Franks, an English photographer, playwright, life coach, actress and musician based out of England who contributed lyrics for Aqualung by writing verses 1 & 2. Shona and Ian are a prime example for other couples as their marriage has proven long and fruitful.

Net Worth

Shona Learoyd is a well-known American personality best known as the wife of Scottish musician and singer Ian Anderson. They met while working as press officers for Jethro Tull record label Chrysalis Records during the mid 1970s; soon after dating for some time they married on December 14, 1976.

She and her husband, guitarist James Duncan Anderson, raised two children: her son is also a musician; daughter Gael Anderson married American actor Andrew Lincoln.

She boasts an impressive net worth. She lives in a luxurious mansion in Wiltshire, England that sprawls across 12 acres and owns several estates across both America and Switzerland. Furthermore, Ian, her husband is an accomplished businessman with multiple salmon farms located throughout New England.

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