Smoked Jack

The Story of Smoked Jack

Semi-soft smoked cheese that boasts an irresistibly delicate mild flavor with just the right hint of spice makes an excellent accompaniment for virtually every meal.

Todd stands out as an unconventional CEO; instead, he takes an engaged approach to all that Jack’s offers. From visiting our restaurants to meeting team members and keeping an eye on our progress as an organization. He finds great satisfaction in being at the heart of everything Jack’s offers.

Early Life and Education

Klugman came from a very poor family, yet was determined to achieve his dreams. Working hard at local high schools to gain education was crucial. After graduation he joined a Martin City tannery where he learned leather tanning skills which eventually lead to him opening his own business called Jack Stack in 1967 and expanding it with two dining rooms for full service dining and two full service bars. Our Smoked Jalapeno Jack features semi-soft white Monterey jack cheese mixed with finely diced green jalapenos for mildly smoked flavor with creamy textures for an unforgettable taste experience!

Achievement and Honors

Todd Bartmess made it his goal since becoming CEO in 2015 to stay connected to the brand. He regularly visits each restaurant, spending time with team members who make it all happen. Todd is also committed to his community – serving on the Board of Directors of Boy Scouts of America in his free time, hiking, running and enjoying double cheeseburgers with extra pickles or chicken fingers with Comeback sauce in his leisure time.

Smoke jacks were one of the earliest inventions designed to convert rising heat energy into mechanical power for practical uses, and were even sketched by Leonardo da Vinci himself in 1480s sketches.

Personal Life

Jack was widely respected as a caring individual who took time out of his day to respond personally to fan mail sent directly to Hawaii Five-0 and was always thankful for those who supported it.

Jack struggled throughout his life with addiction and bipolar disorder, fighting hard against it while becoming an example for others by sharing his story.

At the same time, he was engaged in charity work, advocating boat safety inspections and supporting veterans groups. A proud merchant mariner himself, he often featured navy ships on his show; viewing military service as an integral component of our nation he wished that people didn’t view it negatively – encouraging the crews of his shows to attend commemoration days as an act of tribute to veterans groups.

Net Worth

Smoked Jack, an esteemed YouTube and Twitch streamer who earns thousands annually through both services, boasts an impressive net worth and has used this income to purchase both an impressive home and luxurious cars as well as launch an online merch store for fans to shop from.

He boasts millions of followers across his social media platforms. His gaming videos are extremely well-received, as is his interaction with them; additionally he’s widely respected for his lifestyle vlogs and videos.

He is best known as one-third of Tenacious D, an internationally acclaimed musical comedy act. In 2023, his estimated net worth is believed to be in the region of 2-3 Million USD based on rough calculations; this number may change depending on other factors.

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