Sonic Sour Patch Slush Float Calories

Sonic Slush and Slush Float

Sonic Slush is a unique, slush-like blend of carbonated sodas, shaved ice and flavored syrups. Customers can mix and match flavors or add their favorite liquids to make a new creation. Depending on the combination, Sonic Slush can provide a delicious sweet punch without any added sugar. If you want a drink that’s a little more substantial, you can also order a Slush Float. The slush float is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom, and a choice of any slush or liquid to top it off.

For a limited time, Sonic is offering a Sour Patch Kids Slush Float. This drink is a collaboration between Sonic and Sour Patch, the makers of chewy, sour candy. It’s made from a base of watermelon-flavored slush, with vanilla ice cream on the bottom and topped off with a Sour Patch Kids slush. There are two versions of the Slush Float: a large version for $2.99, and a medium version for $1.99. Each comes with full nutrition facts and allergen information.

The Slush Float has been a popular item for Sonic customers. It’s a great way to combine your favorite flavors in one convenient, portable container. You can choose to have it cold or warm, and it’s a perfect accompaniment to summertime. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beverage or a decadent frozen treat, a Slush Float is a fun, tasty option for any occasion.

If you’re not interested in a slush float, there are dozens of other slush options available on the Sonic menu. These options range from a classic Cherry Slush Float to the tangy Blue Raspberry Slush Float. Plus, customers can add their favorite candy to their slush, including Nerds, Powerade, Jolly Ranchers, and rainbow candies.

Sonic is also famous for its Cherry Limeade. This drink is a favorite year-round, as the limey flavor combines the tartness of limeade with the sweetness of apple and cranberry juices. Add a cherry slice and you’re set for a sweet summertime slush.

Sonic’s Uncorked Slushes feature a high-quality fruit juice base, infused with bold flavors and natural ingredients. They’re free of artificial sweeteners, so they’re ideal for any occasion.

In addition to Sonic’s signature Cherry Limeade, the brand also offers Frozen Cherry Lemonade and Tropical Island Float. Both of these drinks are available all year round, so you can enjoy them any time you’re feeling thirsty. Also available in the summertime are Dr. Pepper, which is an ideal choice for cooling off in hot weather.

As you can see, the selection at Sonic has expanded in recent years. Sonic has introduced a variety of slush floats, including the Red Bulls-Eyes Float, which is a blend of vanilla ice cream, Red Bulls-Eyes and orange juice. Other popular slush floats include the Cotton Candy Slush Float and the Red, White, and Blue Slush Float. A red, white and blue slush float is a refreshing and colorful way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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