Sprayer Jacks

Sprayer Jacks

Sprayer jacks make switching sprayers much simpler, safer and faster while protecting your investment. AGRA JACK stands alone as the only high lift sprayer jack with an Engineer’s Certification rating.

Supporting your sprayer while disassembling it with blocks and bottle jack can be risky or impossible, especially with tall row-crop sprayers.

Early Life and Education

The Sprayer Jack is a safety device for sprayers that helps prevent their tires from being removed in an unsafe manner. It has been granted patent protection and certified engineer’s rating, meaning it meets engineering standards and can be trusted. It features powder coated and zinc plated telescoping tubes as well as solid rubber wheels to easily roll from tire to tire – and all for just PS425. Perfect for both trailed and self-propelled sprayers alike!

Personal Life

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Net Worth

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