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Starboy Merchandise From The R&B King

In an age when merchandise has gone from an accessory to an integral component, The Weeknd has brought out his own high-end range – Starboy is now available at popular Miami Beach shops such as Alchemist.

Abel Tesfaye’s 2016 album release was honored with a merchandise line that features long-sleeved tees featuring lightning bolt graphics, caps inspired by current trends, and an exquisite handmade leather jacket featuring cross motifs – completing his look.

Early Life and Education

Every major superstar has their own merch line; Kanye West’s ‘Saint Pablo’ apparel can be seen everywhere and Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ threads have become instant classics. Now R&B royalty The Weeknd has debuted his own high-end garms to coincide with his European tour.

The Weeknd collaborated with Los Angeles label Seventh Heaven to design his 5-year anniversary merchandise collection of Starboy album, including long sleeved T-shirts with lighting bolt graphics and cross motifs as well as custom made jackets.

Fans waited patiently outside of Toronto’s pop-up shop located at Rally on Ossington storefront all weekend long to be granted wristbands for Thursday’s Starboy listening party and autograph session, followed by his Friday performance at iHeart Radio Canada Jingle Ball at Air Canada Centre.

Professional Career

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more popularly known as The Weeknd, is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and actor. Known for his signature dark lyricism inspired by personal experiences, he has become an international superstar.

This year, to commemorate his Grammy-winning album Starboy turning five years old, singer Marc Cohn joined Seventh Heaven to create a five-piece merchandise collection featuring black hoodies and T-shirts featuring lighting bolt graphics and crosses as well as handmade leather and denim jackets.

Merch from this line can be found at pop-up shops throughout Europe, including Colette in Saint-Honore, Paris; ANSH46 in van Oldenbarneveltstraat 99 Rotterdam and Storm in Store Renegade 1, Copenhagen. The initial wave of stores opened this weekend and will remain available through March 12; those interested can also purchase it online.

Achievement and Honors

Seventh Heaven of Los Angeles and The Weeknd have collaborated on an exclusive five-piece merchandise collection to commemorate his 2016 album Starboy, including black hoodies and T-shirts featuring lightning bolt graphics as well as cross motifs that have come to define Starboy era merchandise, along with two premium handmade jackets.

Fans of XO will also find long sleeve tees, hoodies and slogan hats priced from $28 to $285 in this collection, priced to coincide with Abel Tesfaye’s European tour kicking off this weekend – with pop-up stores opening across Europe including Colette in Saint-Honore Paris; End in Grainger Street Newcastle; ANSH46 at van Oldenbarneveltstraat 99 Rotterdam and Storm at Store Renegade 1 Copenhagen.

As expected, a line gathered outside Alchemist Boutique in Toronto for the release of Alchemist merchandise; however, unlike what happened with Justin Bieber merchandise at that same location. Fans in line seemed more thoughtful about their purchases; many university students could be seen paying careful consideration when making decisions on purchases they were considering making.

Personal Life

The Weeknd (real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), best known for his Starboy album released in 2016, has quickly become one of the most renowned R&B singers today. His songs explore themes of melancholia, romance and escape while winning two Grammy awards along the way.

To commemorate his 2016 album release, The Weeknd and Los Angeles-based fashion label Seventh Heaven have collaborated on an anniversary-inspired merchandise collection. This limited-edition offering includes tees with lightning bolt graphics and cross motif on the back as well as a denim sherpa jacket.

Nowadays it seems every musical superstar has their own merch line to sell alongside their work – Kanye West is known for his Saint Pablo T-Shirts while Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry merchandise sold like crazy. Even The Weeknd recently unveiled a 14 piece #003 line to coincide with his European tour.

Net Worth

R&B superstar Raffi is estimated to be worth an impressive $200 million, making him a trendsetter and hitting multiple number one positions on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts with several of his songs, such as his new release Starboy which debuted twice at number one on that chart.

Tesfaye’s merchandise has proven an important revenue generator for him as fans purchase long-sleeve shirts and hoodies featuring his iconic lighting bolt logo. Furthermore, his XO brand has issued several fashion collections featuring premium handmade jackets.

He also makes money through concerts and collaborations with other celebrities; for example, recently partnering with Marvel to publish a unique comic book featuring Starboy as a superhero is another source of revenue for him. Furthermore, this weekend will mark his tour across Europe, with pop-up stores opening across Europe in conjunction with this.

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