Steve Ainsworth

Retired Boulder County Detective Steve Ainsworth

With his final cold case solved, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office detective Steve Ainsworth is saying farewell after becoming an iconic presence on law enforcement television shows and serving as an expert witness.

His military training includes attending Nuclear Biological Chemical School, Quartermaster Basic and Advanced Courses, Combined Arms Services Staff Officer’s Course and graduating from Army War College.

Early Life and Education

Steven Ainsworth spent much of his childhood as both an alcoholic and sufferer of mental illness. Beginning drinking alcohol at five years old and engaging in vandalism activities as a teen. Furthermore, Steven battled drug dependency before eventually being charged with burglary and possessing cocaine.

After graduating high school, he joined the military. After attending Nuclear Biological Chemical School and Quartermaster Basic and Advanced Courses he also graduated from Combined Arms and Services Staff School; Command & General Staff Officer’s Course as well as Faculty Development Course.

He has received multiple military awards and completed many courses on leadership and strategic studies. Currently, he serves as Research and Product Development leader for ChoiceSpine; in total he holds 35 issued US patents as an inventor.

Professional Career

After graduating college, Ainsworth joined the military. He served over five years as an enlisted soldier before obtaining his commission as a Distinguished Military Graduate through Reserve Officer Training Corps in 1983. Since then he has completed Quartermaster Basic and Advanced Courses, Combined Arms Support Command Staff College, and Army War College courses – among others.

He worked on cases ranging from cold case murders and missing person cases, as well as serving as the department’s sketch artist – using this skill to connect with people in the community; for instance, once connecting with a Holocaust survivor whom he drew a portrait of.

Ainsworth was taken aback when he was unexpectedly removed from Wiltshire constabulary in September this year, which came as quite an upset to many within its ranks.

Achievement and Honors

Ainsworth has written numerous academic books and received many honors throughout her career, as a testament to her dedication and passion for her students and accounting education in general. She stands as an example for accounting educators across the country.

After her PhD studies were complete, Ainsworth searched for teaching positions. Unfortunately, she experienced first-hand evidence of gender-bias when told that the university senate would not allow her to teach there.

Ainsworth was an exceptional administrator, revolutionizing government record-keeping methods. Over time he became increasingly influential, taking on more administrative responsibility from different departments. A decorated military officer, Ainsworth served as Commanding General of Ft Knox Training Command where he earned honor graduate status; also attending Quartermaster Basic and Advanced Courses as well as Joint Forces Staff College before attending LOGTEC Executive Course for executive development training. His biographer is Fred C. Ainsworth; this biography details his life’s accomplishments.

Personal Life

Steven Ainsworth, an accomplished detective who solved numerous crimes in Boulder County during his years of service, recently announced his retirement. Though he plans on continuing some research and consulting work in retirement, Ainsworth will miss his days as a detective; however, genealogy technology has proved helpful in solving cold cases.

He is passionate about art and photography. Additionally, he is married with two children.

Sherry Donsing, sixteen-year-old niece of Ainsworth, testified on behalf of the defense that she visited him multiple times without feeling threatened by him and that he was an exceptional artist and carpenter who cared deeply for animals. However, these facts were never presented to the jury for consideration and Ainsworth did not engage in any dangerous behaviors while behind bars.

Net Worth

Since retiring, Ainsworth has purchased a camper and been exploring. Additionally, he intends to write and draw professionally; additionally he hopes to remain active in crime solving.

He began his professional football league career playing non-league for Northwich Victoria and Cambridge United before making the leap into League One with Preston North End in 1992, becoming a substitute in their 2-2 draw with Exeter City on 20 November that year.

Len Ainsworth founded Aristocrat Leisure, one of the second-biggest gaming machine companies, in 1953 and sold his stake nearly twenty years ago, receiving a large portion of proceeds. Additionally, Len has several charitable interests that he gives money away for including giving over $5 Million away through various charities and organizations in Granbury Texas where he lives.

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