Steve Check

Steve Check – The Man Behind Check Capital Management

Steve Check is the President of Check Capital Management, an asset-management firm managing over $1.5 billion of client assets. Additionally, he conducts investing and financial planning seminars throughout Southern California.

Check credits Warren Buffett with teaching him how to invest. He shared his perspective on his iconic investor’s stock-buying spree this year and eased concerns of an unpredictable post-Buffett world.

Early Life and Education

At 11, Steve Check’s elementary school principal recognized that he needed more challenging coursework, so she suggested skipping two grades. With parental agreement, he transitioned to Crittenden Middle School – where his surroundings became much harsher and bullying was often prevalent; one class held by Mr McCollum intrigued him; however, as soon as rebelliousness set in, this interest faded.

He and Tabitha reside in Princeton. Both of them are active contributors to local charities as well as avid backpackers and skiers. Together they have four children and three grandchildren – they’ve been married 36 years, are members of their church community, and often help those in need through financial aid or scholarships.

Professional Career

After graduating college, Steve began working as an engineer for Hughes Aircraft before following his passion for investing. He created a newsletter and established himself as an independent financial advisor before eventually founding Check Capital Management Inc in 1987 as an investment advisory firm that today manages over $1 billion assets – one of the top firms nationwide.

Check specializes in holistically planning the finances of school districts, universities and small businesses – including tax planning, protection planning and investment strategy.

Check is both a Qualifying and Life Member of the MDRT, having been profiled in CNBC, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. He is widely respected for providing sound investment advice as well as championing an equitable fee structure that benefits clients.

Personal Life

Steve Check is an exceptional father, husband, and grandfather. With his wife Marjorie he has given birth to seven children: twin girls Brandi and Karli Harvey with Shackelford as their partners; Broderick Wynton Shackelford as well as two additional sons named Broderick by Harvey with Shackelford being their respective fathers; also supporting Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association as a proud sponsor.

He lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his wife and enjoys working out and traveling. Additionally, he holds both the FINRA Series 7 and 66 securities registrations, as well as life, accident and health insurance licenses through LPL Financial.

MDRT (MD Financial Research Team), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals. He holds both Qualifying & Life Membership of Court of the Table & Top of the Table as well as Accredited Investment Fiduciary(r) and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor(r). Furthermore, he is licensed and registered to offer products in Arizona, California, Florida Georgia Oregon North Carolina New Hampshire New York Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia

Net Worth

Steve Harvey has amassed an estimated net worth of $200 Million thanks to his success as both an athlete and media personality. His estimated annual salary stands at an estimated $300,000.

A net worth statement is a financial document that displays an individual’s total savings, investments and assets minus any debts they owe. This can help individuals track progress toward financial goals while providing insight into current economic standing and plan future investments.

Assets are any possessions you can trade in exchange for cash, such as money, stocks and bonds – or even your house! Some assets are more liquid than others – meaning you can sell them more quickly for their true worth; such as cash accounts or mutual funds – while other possessions like cars or houses might require more effort and patience when sold off.

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