Steve Clay

Steve Clay

Steve Clay is the creator and publisher of Granary Books, a small press that explores verbal/visual relations. Additionally, he works as an editor, curator, and archivist specializing in literature and art of the 1960s and ’70s.

Clay has been charged with one count of kidnapping and transportation for illegal sexual activity. According to reports by his victim, Clay offered her a ride near Yandell Drive in El Paso on August 4.

Early Life and Education

Steve Clay was an honorable individual who dedicated himself to his work and deeply cared about his wife, Jaime. Furthermore, his sensitive soul would often express thanks for those who had supported his career endeavors.

Assistant United States Attorney Matilda Villalobos informed Magistrate Judge Kevin Sweazea that Clay lured a woman from El Paso to Anthony by offering to transport her. Once there, Clay handcuffed and sexually assaulted her according to court documents.

At Granary Books in New York City, Clay serves as publisher. Additionally, he works as curator, editor, and archivist, working closely with poets on placing their archives as well as editing books with Jerome Rothenberg.

Professional Career

Steven Clay is an experienced attorney, having managed major and complex commercial litigation cases and serving as both arbitrator and arbitrator-in-charge in international arbitration proceedings. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, corporate officers and directors as well as several Fortune 100 firms.

According to an affidavit, he allegedly lured her into his car and handcuffed her before punching her in the face and sexually assaulting her, according to allegations in the document.

Clay has extensive experience handling domestic and international arbitration cases throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. A member of the International Chamber of Commerce Commission on Arbitration with trial and appellate experience as well as being an author/speaker on matters pertaining to dispute resolution he is widely sought-after for his cost-efficient results delivery methods.

Achievement and Honors

Clay has led many technological advancements at AFRL over his three-decade tenure at AFRL and remains committed to equipping operational warfighters with cutting edge technologies. Recently he was honored as an ASME Fellow.

Al Lurey, Clay’s colleague of 47 years, remembered him as an internationally recognized expert in commercial litigation and arbitration, often serving as lead counsel in major cases as well as representing corporations, officers, and directors in international arbitration proceedings.

Hervey Clay and Steve Clay, his son, serve on the Lincoln Town Council together. Additionally, Hervey has held positions in firefighting as firefighter captain and deputy chief as well as membership on cemetery, budget, planning boards as well as membership in funeral directors associations throughout Illinois.

Personal Life

Steven Clay Wilson, an underground cartoonist famous for making underground comic strips during the 1960s, passed away at 79 after years of fighting a brain tumor. He leaves behind his wife Tonya Raymond and four children.

On August 4th 2021, Clay offered to transport Jane Doe near Yandell Street in El Paso to her friend’s residence in Anthony New Mexico; instead she reported being handcuffed and sexually assaulted by Clay.

The Albuquerque Field Office of the FBI is conducting this investigation, while Assistant United States Attorneys Matilda McCarthy Villalobos and Ry Ellison will prosecute. Clay also owns Granary Books, publishing works that explore verbal/visual relationships; as curator he has organized exhibitions as well as collaborated with Jerome Rothenberg on multiple volumes.

Net Worth

Clay worked at HP before going on to found Rod-L Electronics and creating programs to assist African Americans in Silicon Valley. Later he donated numerous donations to local community organizations.

Matilda Villalobos, prosecutor in Clay’s case, told a judge that Clay lured the victim into his car, handcuffed her before raping her. When she managed to escape from Clay’s home she called 911 before proceeding to inform a cashier at a nearby gas station that Clay had sexually assaulted her.

The heir of Boston’s Star Market fortune has given generously to charities while owning interests in real estate developments, such as the under-construction Mandarin Oriental hotel and shopping centers, Brownfields Recovery Corporation for cleaning up polluted industrial sites, Brookstone, NutraSweet and Meow Mix brands acquired through his private equity firm.

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