Steve Clements

Steve Clements – A Pillar of His Community

Steve Clements was a respected member of his community. His actions showed what it meant to truly invest in one neighborhood over time, often for generations.

Clements was both an actress and writer in stage productions before serving on the faculty at Augusta State University as head of television/cinema track and co-founding Executive Speak/Write as professional training firm.

Early Life and Education

Steve was an example of an individual who achieved great things on their own through hard work, working his way through college and building an impressive business career. His knowledge was then passed along to other small businesses to help them survive and prosper.

He has published books on marketing and business management, while his current project investigates polarization in contemporary politics and what that might entail for civically affiliated groups.

His favorite activities included mountain climbing and skiing. Additionally, he shared his love of nature by mentoring youth scouts in outdoor adventure programs. A frequent visitor to local parks where he would spend his free time walking or simply admiring the view, he was deeply loved by family and friends – especially his grandchildren!

Professional Career

Clements was a successful oil industry entrepreneur before embarking on his political career. As deputy secretary of defense under two presidents – Nixon and Ford – and three secretaries of defense (Elliot Richardson, James Schlesinger and Donald Rumsfeld).

His straightforward style caused much contention and led to strained relations with Congress and the press, yet his intelligence, work ethic, and personality allowed him to navigate difficult political times effectively.

He has guided numerous players to NJCAA national recognition, including 18 All-Americans and seven NJCAA Player of the Year honors. As head of WTW’s health & benefits business, his current focus is creating an innovative data-driven consultative brokering proposition and overseeing regional employee benefit programs utilizing flexible employee benefits plans; additionally advising multinational and local clients regarding medical plan design and management services.

Achievement and Honors

Clements has seen his teams at Kansas University win six division titles, which is tied for most in program history. Furthermore, two of his students earned PSAC All-American status under his guidance.

He has received several prestigious awards and recognitions, such as a CLA Innovation Award and the AFCA Region Coach of the Year honor. Additionally, in 2021 he was honored with receiving the William P. Clements Excellence Award from Texas Department of Public Safety.

This award recognizes both commissioned and non-commissioned employees for exemplary performance of duties throughout their careers with the agency. Finalists are chosen by the executive director and senior leadership based on contributions to agency mission, goals, strategic plan and their level of professional development and performance.

Personal Life

Clements was known for his tireless work at several Washington-area businesses before turning his skills and determination toward business consulting. His skill earned him the respect of many in the business community as someone who could restore companies back to financial health.

He majored in health and kinesiology at Mississippi State University with plans of leading summer and outdoor camps full time; instead he found himself drawn into coaching when one of his college professors asked him to coach her 10-year-old son’s soccer team. Since then he has led six teams to National Championships with seven players receiving Player of the Year recognitions.

He has created and produced over 3,000 nonfiction television programs ranging from network broadcast, video release and live production in a Disney studio. Additionally, he has led staffs ranging from four to 150 and established and met budgets from $11,000 per week up to a potential total of over $1,000,000 a week.

Net Worth

He advised companies and partnerships on various tax matters. He represented taxpayers before the IRS at an administrative level, negotiating pre-assessment modifications, installment agreements, offers in compromise, and requests for collection due process relief.

He built his fortune through retail and catalog marketing. Through General Growth Properties, his family now owns or manages over 200 shopping malls worldwide.

In 2017, she purchased an exquisite home in Malibu, California. With an impressive net worth and talent as both an artist and TV personality, her impressive net worth has won many admirers in celebrity circles. As an inspiration to young women everywhere and a role model to many young people alike, her contribution to Southern Charm will long be remembered and honored.

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