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Neurosurgery Specialist Dr Steven Cobery

Dr. Steven Cobery is an experienced neurosurgery physician in Norfolk, VA with 23 years of experience. He graduated from Brown University’s Alpert Medical School before starting Neurosurgical Associates – affiliated with Sentara Norfolk General Hospital – where he currently practices. Dr. Cobery accepts multiple insurance plans.

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Early Life and Education

Cobery hails from Fall River, graduating from Bishop Connolly High School before going on to Northwestern University and attaining his theater degree before joining Second City comedy improv troupe in Chicago – along with fellow cast members Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, creating Exit 57 (1995-96) for Comedy Central.

He served in the Navy for 28 years, spending eight of those on submarines and serving a tour in Afghanistan. While in service he earned both a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and medical degree from Brown University School of Medicine.

Before joining Southcoast, Cobery worked at a Level 1 trauma center in Norfolk, Virginia where he performed approximately 120 emergency cases annually and saw patients almost daily.

Professional Career

Cobery’s career spans 28 years and spans six continents and 42 countries. Starting out as a Navy nuclear engineer on submarines for eight years before enrolling in medical school and joining the military as a neurosurgeon.

He completed his internship and residency at National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland before serving as Director of Surgical Services at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in Virginia.

He currently practices neurosurgery at Southcoast Hospitals of Fall River, New Bedford and Wareham and Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, accepting numerous major insurance plans as a board-certified neurosurgeon. Prior to this he served in the Navy Medical Corps before earning a bachelor’s degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Achievement and Honors

Cobery successfully completed WPI’s nuclear engineering program and joined the Navy, serving on submarines for eight years. Following his service career, he decided to attend Brown Medical School; upon first applying, his application was rejected by its dean due to it being unconventional for someone from an engineering background; but Cobery did not listen and continued his path nonetheless.

Cobery described one of his proudest moments as an Army officer as the time he saved an Afghan village elder’s life, leading the local people away from Taliban and toward American/NATO forces and helping the mission succeed more successfully.

Cobery enjoys hunting and fishing with his old Connolly friends in his spare time, while making appearances at Western-related conventions and charity events.

Personal Life

Cobery attributes his Jesuit education at Bishop Connolly for instilling him with an ethics that prioritizes honesty and kindness; these characteristics help him connect with patients, making sure that they feel at ease and understood.

He went on to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute with an ROTC scholarship, studying nuclear engineering. Following graduation he put his degree to use working on submarines for eight years after going back into service with them.

Deciding to switch careers, he decided on medicine. Although his first application to medical school was denied, an encouraging dean encouraged him to try again and encouraged his application for admission.

John first worked for a Level 1 trauma center in Norfolk, VA until Southcoast Health recruited him to join its neurosurgical group. John loves his new position and is a huge Boston sports fan – especially the Red Sox and Patriots!

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