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Homicide Suspect Dies in Lorain County Jail

Stephen Coleff, 35 years old and facing charges of murder, died Sunday morning following an apparent medical emergency in his jail cell. Sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Richard Bosley stated that Steven Coleff had told corrections officers around 7:55 am that he was having difficulty breathing; after which, he was transferred to University Hospitals Elyria where he collapsed into full cardiac arrest before eventually passing away.

Early Life and Education

Steve Colef is an American Journalist currently employed as a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine with an annual salary estimated to be approximately $164,670. His achievements include two Pulitzer Prize awards, two Overseas Press Club awards, a PEN American Center John Kenneth Galbraith award as well as serving as dean at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

In the meantime, Steve Coleman began planning research trips. In 1993-94 he traveled to Ghana in West Africa to study language and music; its results, as well as philosophical discussions with Thomas Goodwin, kept him preoccupied throughout most of the 1990s. Around this same time, Steve Coleman created his band Five Elements; they later visited India together to participate in cultural exchange with musicians from that nation’s Carnatic musical tradition.

Professional Career

Steve Coleff graduated from Reed as an 18-year-old, uncertain what direction his life should take. Although he secured part-time work repairing equipment used for experiments on rats and pigeons in the Psychology Department, his interests included exploring India, learning calligraphy, studying Dylan and Shakespeare as well as reading Buddhism from books in his university library – not to mention building little blue boxes to bypass phone companies!

He started with no real job, no direction and no way of making money – yet his skill as a storyteller and a good writer served him well in journalism, serving both as journalist and then professor/dean at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, eventually garnering two Pulitzer Prizes as awards for his writing.

Personal Life

Steven Coleff, 35, reported difficulty breathing to corrections officers Sunday morning before being quickly evaluated in the jail dispensary and taken to University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center where he went into full cardiac arrest and ultimately passed away. Coleff was being held for murder charges related to Easter Sunday shooting of 38-year-old Jose Marrero of Lorain on April 16th.

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