Steve Girman

Steve Girman – Playing the Ukulele

Steve Girman provides sing-along performances using his ukulele and “stomp box” at nursing homes, retirement centers and family gatherings. He specializes in parlor music which was popular from 1910-1970 era radio programs and at home.

This tenor features sinker redwood for the soundboard – often described as “cedar on steroids.” On its back and sides are stunning ziricote wood from Central America that looks similar to rosewood but produces brighter tones.

Early Life and Education

Glen Puffer, a general music teacher in Torrance, California, began instructing children how to play ukulele as an effective way of broadening their musical horizons. Ukuleles are easier than guitars to pick up quickly and can fit easily in overcrowded classrooms.

His lessons focus on basic musical fundamentals while providing students the chance to explore various genres, such as pop and folk, classical, hard rock, creative improvisation, as well as guitar and bass teaching.

He inspires his students to think creatively and follow their dreams, whether music is their career choice or simply an outlet. With an energetic yet positive mentorship style that promotes fun learning experiences for his students. Additionally, he emphasizes the fact that mastering an instrument requires focus and dedication.

Professional Career

Steve offers courses in acoustic and electric guitar (folk, Travis picking, bluegrass, swing and Celtic styles), mandolin, ukulele, bass guitar and songwriting. While teaching fundamentals to his students – from pop and folk styles through classical, hard rock and creative improvisation.

His latest venture has been as part of a duo with Dhani Harrison, with whom they released two albums: Square Pegs & Round Holes and Up After Noon.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have brought the ukulele into Hollywood limelight with their roles. Even notable comedians like George Formby have taken notice, making light, comic songs with it as popular stage and screen entertainment.

Achievement and Honors

The ukulele is one of the most beloved instruments for beginners. With its simple design and size, it’s an effortless instrument to learn – not to mention an ideal option for creating unique music!

The Kamaka Ukulele Company has earned numerous honors and awards, becoming the first business in Hawaii to receive an award under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Furthermore, they employ handicapped workers regularly while providing instruments to schools.

They have also been featured in many television and film productions, performing for children at various venues and locations. Well known for sharing their music and love of ukulele with others. Their family owned business boasts an illustrious past history of making high quality products.

Personal Life

In 1968 he appeared at Newport Pop Festival alongside such artists as Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Byrds; furthermore he performed on programs hosted by Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Ed Sullivan and Lawrence Welk.

He wasn’t an ukulele master, but his vast knowledge of popular music from 1900 through 1950s gave him an edge. He could play an assortment of tunes on the ukulele that ranged from obscure Tin Pan Alley songs and torch tunes in a baritone voice to novelty duets performed both with high and falsetto voices.

Ukuleles are his primary instrument, although he also plays guitar and mandolin. Additionally, he writes songs and records records, writing records as he goes. For over 30 years he has taught ukulele.

Net Worth

Zach enjoys a quieter lifestyle these days, yet still composes and records music. In his home he hosts an activity lounge called Creativity Lounge where he shapes clay while recording holiday tunes with his daughter.

His net worth has steadily been growing over time due to his dedication and talent in music. He strives to perfect his craft while continuously learning new things.

He has published books and videos about playing ukulele, and sells picks, strings, capos and tuners to assist others with learning the instrument. He is well known for performing sing-alongs at retirement homes using his ukulele and “stomp box”, using familiar tunes, props and humor to engage his audiences.

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