Steve Glueck

Interior Designer Steve Glueck

Steve Glick is an esteemed interior designer renowned for working with clients across the nation. Additionally, he belongs to MENSA and Harvardwood for professional growth.

Glueck’s scholarship has appeared in Yale Law Review, Stanford Law Review and various other journals. Her latest book entitled COVID-19 and Law: Disruption, Impacts and Legacy was released for publication in 2023.

Early Life and Education

Glueck was born in Brooklyn in 1922. Following graduation, he relocated to Berkeley California where he studied acting with Larry Menkin of Captain Video TV series fame as well as Jean Shelton at Shelton Studios. In 1990 he was accepted as a member of Screen Actors Guild but put acting aside due to other interests.

In the late 1980s he discovered and practiced T’ai Chi Chu’uan under Master Tung Kai Ying. Since then he has traveled all around the world attending classes, workshops and camps dedicated to T’ai Chi.

His interests then turned towards Africa and he traveled for years exploring its wildlife, cultures and peoples. He presented on these topics at two global conferences as well as Harvard.

Professional Career

Steve Gluck left Brooklyn at 22 and headed west for Berkeley California where he studied under Larry Menkin of Captain Video fame and Jean Shelton of Shelton Studios. Gluck later took an interest in Africa and traveled extensively throughout its continent becoming an expert on its wildlife, cultures, and peoples; speaking at two world conferences as well as Harvard. On his return home he reinstated his SAG-AFTRA card while continuing to study acting with organizations such as Media Performance Institute CP Casting Actors-Connection Boston as well as Harvardwood New York.

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Achievement and Honors

Steve Glueck has held various roles during his career. He served as an adviser to Justice Robert H. Jackson during the Nuremberg Trials and has an interest in mental illness as an aspect of criminal law. Furthermore, Steve is passionate about conserving African wildlife; having spoken at multiple international conferences on this topic.

Glueck studied law and humanities at George Washington University and Georgetown University during the 1910s before joining the U.S. Army during World War I for fifteen months of service.

He has received various academic honors and awards throughout his career, such as being recognized as the MAC Commonwealth Conference Coach of the Year in 2010. Furthermore, he has led his team to multiple tournament appearances.

Personal Life

In his free time, Glueck enjoys golf and traveling. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in wildlife conservation efforts and has spoken at two world conferences regarding it. Furthermore, he belongs to Harvardwood and MENSA among many other groups.

During his years in Phoenix, he entertained at the iconic Camelback Sahara Hotel, providing support to performances by artists like Ray Charles and Smokey Robinson. Additionally, he entertained at Carefree Inn (once hosting Dick Van Dyke and Lucille Ball), Carefree Inn ( once featuring Lucille Ball as hostess) as well as multiple country clubs.

Glueck is married to Cathy Podewell, born January 26th 1964 in Evanston Illinois. They share two sons: Christopher and Derek and currently reside in Cambridge MA in an historic house built around 1880.

Net Worth

Glueck’s career as an actor spans over two decades, during which time he has appeared in various movies as an actor and writer/producer/director. Notable credits include comedy film Shopgirl and Cheaper by the Dozen movies as well as father of bride and Inspector Clouseau roles from Father of the Bride films and Pink Panther films.

He has lived abroad in England, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela before returning home to Palo Alto, Washington DC and New York City for good. Since 2009, he has made 51 trades of Tuesday Morning stock worth more than $79 Million dollars and now owns at least 473 506 units of TUES stock, an amount which grows with each stock sale he completes.

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