Steve Gorman

Steve Gorman

Steve Gorman was formerly a drummer for the Black Crowes and hosted Steve Gorman Sports! on Fox Sports Radio for years. Additionally, he served on 7 different boards.

Trigger Hippy currently features Joan Osborne and Nick Govrik as members, with Andrew playing drums on their debut album due for release in 2022.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gorman is best known as the drummer of The Black Crowes. Additionally, he has played for Stereophonics, John Corbett & Brotherhood of Southland Brotherhood, Alfred & Stately Wayne Manors as well as being from Hopkinsville Kentucky where he attended University Heights Academy high school.

As the drummer for The Black Crowes, he saw first-hand everything they went through–from coke and marijuana-fueled tours, turbulent recordings sessions and fighting among brother Chris and Rich Robinson. Although he tried his best to keep them together musically and emotionally, they ultimately disbanded due to differences.

Gorman’s poetry explores themes of feminism, race, and marginalization. Her works have appeared in several publications such as XQ Magazine; additionally she has received multiple grants to pursue these writing endeavors.

Professional Career

Steve Gorman has an impressive drumming resume, having performed with Stereophonics and Black Crowes; last fall he released his memoir Hard to Handle. Additionally he hosts his syndicated radio show Steve Gorman Rocks! and Trigger Hippy have just released their second album this year.

Gorman Law specializes in commercial and insurance disputes related to PPP/PFI projects (such as failed hospital cladding), product liability issues, public and commercial litigation as well as being an experienced arbitrator.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Additionally, he currently serves on the boards of Air Methods Corporation and Borden Dairy Company and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc; having previously sat on their respective boards of Delta Air Lines, Greyhound Lines and Northwest Airlines.

Achievement and Honors

Gorman was an engaging story-teller that resonated with his audiences. Alongside The Black Crowes, he drummed for Stereophonics of England before hosting Steve Gorman Sports! where he would recount tales from life on the road while commentating on current sports, music and pop culture events.

Gorman has long been a supporter of CC, and he was instrumental in raising funds for scholarships. His donation in memory of Steven Gichner helped establish this scholarship fund.

Gorman lives with his wife Chalana and children KaMar, Imani, and Gorman IV in Springwood. As an award-winning agent at Ray White Springwood with a stellar track record in the market. Additionally, he belongs to Omega Psi Phi fraternity where he leads youth-related initiatives for their chapter.

Personal Life

Steve Gorman lives with his wife and two children in Nashville. He hosts the night time talk show ‘Steve Gorman Rocks!’ on certain Westwood One radio affiliates and has written a book about The Black Crowes.

Gorman paints an intriguing portrait of one of rock music’s most dysfunctional bands in this book. From onstage altercations between singer Chris Robinson and guitarist Rich Robinson to drummer Gorman’s offending Led Zeppelin frontman Jimmy Page that resulted in their 55-date tour cancellation, his words paint a vivid portrait.

Steve Gorman is an internationally acclaimed Drummer who is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $10 Million. He co-founded Trigger Hippy with other musicians & has collaborated with other acclaimed musicians throughout his career.

Net Worth

Gorman boasts a net worth of $10 Million dollars. His primary source of income comes from being a musician and sports talk radio host; additionally he owns various assets.

He was previously the drummer for both The Black Crowes and Stereophonics, having been born August 17, 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan.

Stephen E. Gorman’s insider trading and ownership details. Stephen was the drummer for The Black Crowes and author of Hard to Handle: A Memoir of the Black Crowes, currently playing in Nashville-based band Trigger Hippy with Nashville friend Nick Govrik and contributing drum tracks to Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton’s solo album due for release 1 March 2019 via ArcBest Corporation as an ArcBest director.

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