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UR Profiles Steve Grasha, a New Member of the Mission Springs Water District Board of Directors

Grasha owns and operates TrueFog USA, which supplies misting systems to many Palm Springs restaurants and clubs. He was previously an aide for Congressman Sonny Bono.

Grasha posted on his Facebook page during his campaign a picture of Board Member Jeff Bowman with an undressed woman and accused him of child pornography; an investigation has since been initiated by the District Attorney.

Early Life and Education

Steve Grasha is a successful businessman known for developing high-pressure stainless steel misting systems popular throughout Palm Springs and the desert area. Additionally, he serves on the Mission Springs Water District board.

Grasha has an established history of posting extreme posts to social media, including advocating that politicians or journalists either be killed, or they commit suicide themselves. He once claimed a former CIA director is an Islamist trying to destabilise America.

Grasha made headlines while campaigning for his MSWD seat by posting on Facebook an image featuring Jeff Bowman, owner and operator of clothing-optional resort in Desert Hot Springs and an MSWD board member who owns and operates it, in which they were seen alongside an unclad male and topless woman, which Grasha believed depicted child pornography and suggested Bowman was sexually exploiting children.

Professional Career

Steve Grasha, president of an Orange County company that designed high-pressure stainless steel misting systems used throughout Palm Springs and worldwide. After making several unsuccessful bids for public office, Grasha was finally elected to Mission Springs Water District board with 33% of votes cast in 2018.

Grasha posted a Facebook message against board member Jeff Bowman accusing him of child pornography. Bowman strongly denied these charges and claimed the photo was from a wedding at his clothing-optional resort in Desert Hot Springs.

District attorney’s office did not pursue charges against him, yet on Tuesday he was arrested for failing to include his correct address on candidacy paperwork and plead no contest for making false statements.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Grasha is a new board member for Mission Springs Water District and is not shy to use harsh language on Twitter. His tweets include calls for politicians to be executed and journalists to commit suicide, as well as attacks against public officials and journalists with claims for libel against them.

Grasha has an extensive political career. He was charged with perjury in 1986 after making false statements on his candidate paperwork, as well as falsely representing himself to voters during the 2018 campaign.

Grasha has also been actively engaged with many local community groups and developed high-pressure stainless steel misting systems used by restaurants and bars in Palm Springs. He has made donations to both United Fund and other civic groups.

Personal Life

On Facebook, he frequently discusses local politics and news. He has been involved in multiple small claims court cases regarding debt collection. Environmental Engineering Concepts sued him in 1999 for libel after receiving an anonymous letter falsely alleging they had had their state contractors license revoked.

Grasha used his 2018 campaign to post a photo of MSWD board member Jeff Bowman (who wasn’t re-elected last week) alongside two topless women and an apparent naked male; Grasha accused Bowman of involvement in child pornography.

The Desert Sun reports that this individual has used extremely violent and offensive language on Twitter. His tweets suggested Sen. Lindsey Graham should shoot himself and that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should be beheaded.

Net Worth

Steve Grasha invented high-pressure stainless steel misting systems enjoyed throughout Palm Springs and around the world, and is an internationally recognized leader in his industry with a personal net worth exceeding $20 Million. Additionally, Grasha was elected to serve District 1 alongside fellow candidates Steve Bronack (a technology design professor of Palm Springs) and Marcus Miceli (a real estate broker from Palm Springs) on Desert Water Agency Board of Directors in 2022; all three were given questionnaires from UR and only Grasha responded back.

Google search reveals that Grasha falsified his Candidate Forms; he lives at Two Springs RV Resort instead of in his District and has posted defamatory material online.

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