Steve Guthrie

Steve Guthrie, Deputy Sheriff of Carroll County Schools, Passed Away Wednesday Night

Marshall County Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie passed away Wednesday evening after being hospitalized last week for pancreatitis and gallstones, which resulted in five coded episodes which he was revived from each time.

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Early Life and Education

He grew up in Guthrie, Oklahoma where he lettered in various sports before receiving a full US Naval scholarship to attend the University of Oklahoma and study Metallurgical Engineering to earn his bachelor’s degree. Additionally, he worked at Corner Pharmacy drug store as well as running his own landscaping business.

People who know Guthrie praise his intelligence, hard work ethic and commitment to his job. According to his wife he is one of the best partners she could ask for in both parenthood and marriage.

Guthrie was an active member of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and State Trustee for Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 18. He particularly enjoyed raising funds for children in need through Shop With A Cop fundraisers; making them smile was something he enjoyed doing most.

Professional Career

Guthrie has led Carroll County Schools’ efforts to reduce expenses by $30 million during his five years as Superintendent, by cutting staff, increasing efficiencies, rebidding health insurance plans and realigning school bus routes as well as shifting costs to cover state funding losses and inflationary impacts.

He has actively worked to reauthorize the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which ensures coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement efforts to locate children who have been abducted or sexually exploited. Additionally, he serves on numerous church and community administrative boards.

His wife Barbara states that while Guthrie does have a life outside work, he finds it difficult to fully disengage from it. According to Barbara, Guthrie enjoys exercising and taking on challenging projects which stretch his brainpower.

Achievement and Honors

Guthrie remains confident that Carroll County remains one of the premier school systems in Indiana despite facing its fair share of challenges as superintendent, believing it possible to build on its successes while making improvements where required.

Guthrie enjoys exercising as a form of stress relief, although now mostly walks instead of running. Furthermore, he often challenges himself with projects outside the office that provide a diversion from work-related concerns.

He is also an active volunteer, serving on various church and community boards. Additionally, he was instrumental in the fundraising for The Woody Guthrie Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma – this facility honors American folk singer Woody Guthrie’s legacy.

Personal Life

Steve Guthrie was an ambitious and well-adjusted individual from a middle class family who found meaning and beauty in an otherwise chaotic life. He had an enormous heart, serving his friends, husband, fathers, children, brothers, stepfathers, grandfathers, stepgrandparents and grandchildren all with distinction.

Guthrie began his law enforcement career in 1987 with the Scottsboro Police Department before progressing through to Marshall County Drug Task Force and ultimately Etowah County Sheriff’s Office as deputy sheriff.

In October, Guthrie was admitted to a hospital for pancreatitis and gallstones, however his health quickly worsened quickly, according to Tammy Guthrie’s account of tests which revealed extensive anoxic brain damage in multiple areas and thus required placement on a ventilator for life support. Guntersville Memorial Chapel and Crematory is handling funeral arrangements at this time.

Net Worth

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