Steve Kramarck

Steve Kramarck, Director of the Java Time Christmas Special on University of Delaware’s WVUD Radio Station

As may come as a shock to many sports fans, the University of Delaware now boasts an esports program and its director Steve Kramarck was recently selected as one of the EGF board members governing Division I collegiate esports competition.

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Early Life and Education

From early childhood onwards, music played an integral part of Kramarck’s life. Beginning as an elementary school pupil playing French horn and eventually marching band member at high school. Later earning his Master of Library and Information Science from University of Richmond.

After graduating, he worked as an assistant librarian in a private library before serving as Director of Information Technology at a large hospital. Later he returned to University of Delaware as Station Manager for WVUD’s Java Time Show.

This radio program stands out from others as it often brings his children in to assist with announcements and trivia contests, while his wife Kelly joins as well, creating an intimate Christmas-tree atmosphere in every show.

Professional Career

Stephen Kramarck has resided in Newark, Delaware for nearly 26 years. Additionally, he lived at 17 Bastille Loop Millsboro DE during that period. Additionally, Stephen has over two decades of experience in business operations.

He serves on the Board of Governors for EGF, one of division 1 esports governing bodies, to further develop college esports.

WVUD 91.3-FM broadcaster Steve Kramarck was there when Claude Giroux scored his 600th NHL assist – WVUD is home to University of Delaware alumnus Kramarck is usually known for calling Flyers games; when Lou Nolan needed time off with flu, Kramarck took over. Sometimes even his children join in the studio, creating an intimate, round-the-Christmas-tree feeling in studio shows like these.

Achievement and Honors

Kramarck has long been beloved by fans as the co-creator of University of Delaware’s WVUD radio station’s Java Time Christmas Special. He regularly welcomes his children into the studio to announce songs, read weather forecasts and run trivia contests, giving the show an intimate, around-the-Christmas-tree feel. Kramarck draws audio from old records, television shows and hard-to-find Christmas broadcasts and specials to create his special blend.

Kramarck filled in for Lou Nolan at the Flyers game after Nolan tested positive for COVID-19. Nolan had served as PA announcer for years prior to testing positive, but due to pandemic concerns had to step aside as PA announcer.

Electronic Gaming Federation appointed Kramarck to its Board of Governors for Division 1 Esports competition EGFC, helping with league membership, tournament scheduling, eligibility compliance and eligibility determination. In his role, he aids with league enrollments, tournament setup and eligibility checkpoints.

Personal Life

Kramarck’s show stands out from the pack as being unlike anything you will hear on radio, featuring clips from Christmas albums, television shows and hard-to-find specials all with a family-oriented feel that provides listeners an idea of how it might feel spending the holidays in Newark, Delaware with him and his children.

In 2020, Kramarck joined the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) as a board of governors member to help promote and expand collegiate esports throughout the U.S. His duties include overseeing University of Delaware esports team operations while organizing tournaments and recruiting players.

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Net Worth

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