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Steve Linder is an attorney who specializes in debtor/creditor law and civil litigation, founding and hosting a public radio network as well as hosting an advice show for 27 years.

Linder has long advocated for stricter regulation of medical marijuana. His organization is currently lobbying lawmakers to alter a 2008 voter-passed law which permits caregivers to cultivate up to twelve plants each for themselves and five patients at once.

Early Life and Education

Linder was an active community member throughout his lifetime, participating in organizations such as Houston Rotary Club and Suffolk University Law School before serving on Mental Health America’s board of directors.

He was a drummer in Vocal Trash, an ensemble composed of musicians using instruments composed from recycled items like plastic water bottles and tool boxes to play music and spread its message of recycling and caring for Mother Earth around the globe.

Linder was an esteemed researcher specializing in cumulative risk characterization and needs assessment, publishing several publications and making numerous public presentations as a result of his efforts. Furthermore, he served on the governing boards of several non-profit organizations such as Texas Environmental Research Consortium, BridgeUp at Menninger Clinic and Houston Metro Area Healthy Cities Research Hub governing boards as a result.

Professional Career

He possesses extensive experience directing both contemporary and mainstage theatre productions for Sydney and Melbourne Theatre Companies as well as productions on television for Sundance Channel/BBC’s Top of the Lake series.

Linder had asked the judge to dismiss his case; instead, the trial went forward as planned with several witnesses testifying against him, including Lieutenant Theodore Stajura who served with GLRFTF.

Linder was found guilty in 2022 for orchestrating an alleged plot to destroy medical cannabis, led by Lansing players with financial backing from elite control groups, in order to seize control of its market and profit at the expense of ordinary people. Linder had his conviction upheld.

Achievement and Honors

Many can be applauded for their professional achievements, yet very few deserve such praise for their commitment to philanthropy and community building endeavors. Steve Linder stands out as an exception – an HSBC community relations manager and U.S. Naval Academy graduate himself, Steve is actively supporting numerous charitable causes including Clark High School Academy of Finance as an avid champion for it all.

Dean Steven Murray of California State University, Fullerton’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics credits Linder’s influence as far-reaching beyond her publications or million-dollar grants received. Recently she was honored with the CSU system’s Wang Family Excellence Award – given out only four times across 23 campuses each year.

Linder also joins Vocal Trash, a band composed of instruments made out of water bottles, tool boxes, and trash cans to spread a message of sustainability.

Personal Life

Steve Linder has taken music around the globe since first discovering it while drumming at Cooper High School choir class. He credits Bobbie Sumerlin, his former choir teacher at Cooper, with helping him unlock his vocal abilities.

He has performed in Sydney, Melbourne and Malthouse Theatre Company productions of Baal. Additionally, he has directed multiple productions for this company.

Michael has been actively engaged with non-profits, serving on both the governing board for Mental Health America and on the BridgeUp at Menninger Clinic Advisory Board. When not volunteering his services he enjoys playing with Vocal Trash; featuring instruments made from recycled water bottles and toolboxes and playing songs about taking care of Mother Earth in his free time.

Net Worth

Gabriela Linder was born in 1987 and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada area. At 33 years old she served as Intern to Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid as well as Personal Injury Law. Gabriela and Pax Linder welcomed their son Pax in 2012.

He contributed his expertise in community relations to the Jets Community Relations Department and assisted in building partnerships with four social justice organizations – All Stars Project, Innocence Project, New York Urban League and Year Up – designed to provide resources and opportunities for young people within our communities to become successful members of society.

Linder is also actively engaged with the FairTax movement and has collaborated with talk radio host Neal Boortz to spread word of it. Their book The FairTax Book: A Citizen’s Guide to a Simple, Fair & Efficient Tax spent time on New York Times Best Seller lists.

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