Steve Rideout

The New Mayor of Cambridge, Ontario, Steve Rideout

Few events in a town’s history are as significant as when its mayor is inaugurated; it marks an exciting period of hope and transformation that unifies and inspires all members of its community.

On Tuesday, state senator Addie Eckardt lost her runoff election for mayor to former juvenile court judge Steve Rideout, filling the term left vacant by former Mayor Andrew Bradshaw after his resignation following his plea of guilty for posting revenge porn online.

Early Life and Education

Rideout dedicated his time as a judge to making his court’s caseload more manageable and expanding services for children. Additionally, he helped to establish “Adoption Saturdays”, where twice annually new adoptive parents were welcomed with ceremonies and parties at court. Now retired from law practice but continuing advocacy work and teaching on best practices related to child welfare and juvenile justice practices across the country.

In 2022, Rideout won a runoff election to become Mayor of Cambridge after defeating Addie Eckardt. He will fulfill out the remainder of former Mayor Andrew Bradshaw’s term which ended after his guilty plea related to revenge porn on social media. Rideout currently also serves on the Foster Care Alumni of America board and consults on child welfare matters.

Professional Career

Rideout has long been involved with community initiatives. A former juvenile-court judge, he worked on programs to reduce cases in his court and improve services for teens and families. He is one of the founding board members for Moving Dorchester Forward where he continues his service focused on parent and community engagement for children involved with court or foster care proceedings.

Rideout, an accomplished musician by trade, has recorded albums under Maggie’s Music record label and written seven music books published by Mel Bay Publications. As an entertainer with Celtic roots she is well known in Scottish fiddle circles; touring her Celtic music show has brought her worldwide exposure in addition to having featured music featured on BBC, CBS and NPR radio broadcasts and performing at national and international concert stages.

Achievement and Honors

Inspector Steve Rideout has worked for Ontario Provincial Police for 25 years and brings with him an array of experience to his new position. Previously he held positions such as patrol officer, patrol supervisor and fraud investigator while also holding executive roles with both Canadian Firearms Program and Pan Am Games security services.

He has expertise in corporate law and intellectual property matters. Additionally, he has managed numerous bench trials and suppression hearings as well as helping improve court procedures and services for children in Virginia.

Rideout pays his tribute to his idol Waylon Jennings by remaining true to the original and creating a country-rock sound for this track.

Personal Life

Few events unify a community as effectively as when a new mayor takes office, offering hope and change – an event which former judge Steve Rideout made complete when taking the oath of office for Cambridge on September 20, 2022.

Andrew Bradshaw will serve his full term until January 2021; during that time, he also has served on the City Council and as an Alexandria juvenile-court judge.

Rideout has performed on over 15 albums for various recording labels such as EMI, Ryco, Maggie’s Music and Maggie’s Records – with BBC and NPR featuring her albums regularly. Furthermore, she published author for Mel Bay Publishing Company with A Scottish Christmas being named a New York Times Best Seller album.

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