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Stream Realty Partners’ Construction Manager, Steve Riordan

Steve Riordan brings extensive construction experience from estimating, preconstruction services and project management. He has worked on various commercial real estate projects in various capacities – overseeing project teams and overseeing construction operations.

At Kalypso, he leads their retail and consumer goods practice and boasts expertise in fact-based analytics, merchandising and sourcing.

Early Life and Education

Riordan hails from San Antonio, Texas where he attended Alamo Heights High School before attending the University of Texas to double major in English and history. Following graduation he taught middle school English, history and Greek mythology classes for 15 years before retiring as an educator.

As mayor of Los Angeles, he earned praise for leading the long-delayed completion of Disney Concert Hall and rebuilding a city library system, while increasing test scores in low-income areas of his city.

Riordan’s children’s books draw upon various cultures for inspiration. For instance, in Little Grey Neck: A Russian Folktale he adapted a story about an inept duck trying to migrate with her flock; Song My Paddle Sings: Native American Legends presents twenty tales from Apache, Blackfoot and Pueblo societies with “stately language perfectly suitable for reading aloud,” according to one critic for School Library Journal.

Professional Career

Steve has dedicated 30 years of his career to serving retailers and their suppliers, from serving as a retail executive to becoming partner and practice leader of several prominent consulting firms. Before joining Kalypso, he founded PRGX serving retailers and consumer goods clients with fact-based analytics, merchandising and sourcing strategies.

As Senior Director of Construction for Stream Realty Partners in Dallas, he leads and supervises all aspects of development process from estimation, preconstruction services, design finalization and project execution. His extensive experience working with various types of contractors, architects and engineers on diverse commercial real estate projects is key in this role.

Riordan Programs aim to encourage more low-income minority students from low-income households to pursue higher education, and have already seen numerous scholars gain admission to top M.B.A programs at universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Achievement and Honors

During his two terms as mayor, he made significant contributions to the city’s recovery from 1992 riots, increased economic development, and enhanced police department staffing levels. Unfortunately, however, his outdated methods of convening an informal network to determine what needed to be done often put him at odds with City Council and public opinion.

Riordan became known for writing young adult series like Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus as well as adult novels like 39 Clues, The Kane Chronicles, and Tres Navarre; before making writing his primary focus. Prior to becoming a full time author he taught at various schools for years.

He had an immense affinity for children and used his public relations abilities to enhance the lives of others. We will all miss him deeply.

Personal Life

Riordan has been involved in the real estate industry since 2013. As Construction Manager of Stream Realty Partners, he oversees an estimator team, preconstruction services team and project management group in Dallas area projects.

He holds an intense fascination with Greek mythology and history, writing several short stories and editing his high school newspaper before taking it more seriously after attending college and beginning teaching in San Francisco.

His first children’s book series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, was an enormously successful endeavor and has even been made into a movie adaptation. Since then, he has expanded it further with The Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus books that together hold over 190 million copies in print.

Net Worth

Writers often face greater risks when it comes to writing books for a living, yet some authors like EL James managed to build substantial net worths with Fifty Shades of Grey; Jeff Kinney made $21 million through his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Riordan co-led Stream’s Dallas construction team and was responsible for overseeing all aspects of commercial real estate development projects from site selection, preconstruction services, project design and contract negotiations through building permits to final delivery.

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