Steve Rother

Steve Rother – Horsemanship and Political Commentator

Steve Rother is one of the country’s foremost horsemanship clinicians, offering programs to assist horses and riders form strong partnerships. Additionally, he hosts monthly interactive trainings over 25 years through virtual platforms.

Rother joined the Oklahoma diocese’s mission in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala in 1975 and served the indigenous Tz’utujil population during a civil war between government forces and rebel guerrillas.

Early Life and Education

Rother has had an intense passion for horses all his life, which eventually led him to becoming one of the nation’s foremost horsemanship clinicians. Traveling all across America and studying with some of the top horseman in business to hone his craft is what has allowed him to become successful working with horses.

He grew up on an Oklahoma farm before becoming an ordained priest in 1963. After serving several parishes before heading off as a missionary to Guatemala in 1968.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening on New Year’s Eve in 1996, Rother began channeling information from angelic entities known as “the group.” Since then he and Barbara have presented seminars and interactive online trainings globally with this information from “the group”, in addition to publishing five books containing its insights.

Professional Career

Rothery has established himself as one of the country’s premier horsemanship clinicians, travelling throughout to expose thousands of horses and riders to his training methods. These methods work across breeds and disciplines and his dedication is in helping all riders, no matter age or experience level, form partnerships they truly cherish with their horses.

Rother has made his mark as an accomplished musician. He is best known as one of the founding guitarists and longest-serving members of British progressive rock band Silmarillion; moreover, two solo albums by The Wishing Tree have also been released under his name.

Rother is constantly finding innovative ways to bring his horsemanship knowledge and expertise to a wider audience, maintaining a vibrant community on Facebook as well as through his Excel With Horses community group. He is widely respected for teaching humans how to become effective leaders for their horses while creating harmonious relationships between horse and human.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Rother has published five books with information gathered by his group of horsemanship instructors. His message of love and empowerment embodied in his method of horsemanship is truly effective at all levels of competition.

Steven was inspired to enter a triathlon after watching one on television in 2004. He trained hard despite having an impairment, eventually receiving two British Paratriathlete of the Year awards.

He has performed Neu! and Harmonia material with drummer Steve Shelley of Neu! and bassist Aaron Mullan (Sonic Youth), as well as performing with other musicians. In 2022 he collaborated with Italian musician Vittoria Maccabruni on her album As Long as the Light.

Personal Life

Rother turned his focus towards channeling messages from what he calls “the group”, an angelic collective composed of nine energetic entities. Together with Barbara, they travel the globe conducting training seminars and online courses featuring information provided by this angelic collective.

Rother developed an interest in horsemanship and began teaching it to others, training several horses such as trick performing duo Dally and Spanky for trick performances. Three times undefeated champion in Red Deer Mane Event Colt Starting Challenge competition!

Rother and Klaus Dinger of Kraftwerk formed Neu! in 1971 and their hypnotic locked-groove rhythms and freeform song structures helped define Krautrock genre. At around this same time he also formed Harmonia alongside Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius to experiment with electronic music.

Net Worth

Steve Rother has amassed an impressive fortune as both an accomplished horse trainer and prominent political commentator. His net worth currently exceeds $3 Million, placing him among the higher paid political commentators in his field.

Net worth can be determined by subtracting one’s liabilities from their assets, including all debts and mortgages as well as current market values of homes or cars owned by them, personal belongings owned by them, as well as money owed them from others.

Steve Rother is married to Swin Cash Canal, an accomplished sports TV channel personality and author of youth-encouragement books. They reside together in an extravagant estate in the United States with two children of their own and participate in several charitable organizations together.

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