Steve Shadowen

Steve Shadowen – Founder and Partner at Hilliard Shadowen LLP

At Hilliard Shadowen LLC, he serves as both founding partner and lead counsel in numerous groundbreaking civil rights and economic justice cases. Additionally, he served as criminal procedure project editor of Georgetown Law Journal as well as being law clerk to Honorable Boyce F Martin Jr. from Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Early Life and Education

Shadowen is the founder and partner of Hilliard Shadowen LLP, an organization focused on economic justice and civil rights. Over his 30-year practice period, Shadowen has served as lead counsel in countless groundbreaking cases; representing plaintiffs in multiple class-action suits against Big Pharma; writing extensively about competition law issues; speaking at universities across America and Europe about competition law symposiums; as president of Joshua Group as well as chairman of St Edward’s University trustee board of trustees as Chairman; championing equal access to education as President;

Bob Hilliard ’80 and Robert Hoy are currently working together to obtain justice for Sergio Hernandez, who was shot while playing a game near the border between Texas and Mexico. Recently, the Supreme Court has granted Hernandez’s family the right to take legal action against the U.S. Border Patrol agent responsible.

Professional Career

Steve Shadowen has been one of the founding partners of Hilliard Shadowen LLP and has since 1980 focused his practice on economic justice and civil rights law. Recognized as a top national antitrust lawyer, Steve served as lead counsel in numerous landmark cases such as Abbott Labs vs. Teva Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc (the first case accepting product hopping as anticompetitive conduct).

Shadowen is also an author and frequent speaker on topics related to antitrust and competition law. He has lectured at universities both domestically and abroad.

Shadowen and his firm specialize in class-action litigation, specializing in both antitrust and civil rights law issues. For example, in civil rights law they represent families of Mexican nationals killed by Border Patrol agents.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Shadowen was known for having an enormous heart. Always willing to assist anyone who needed it, Steve was also a dedicated fan of Kentucky Wildcats basketball team and loved watching them compete on game days.

He was a partner at Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin and Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis’ Philadelphia office and served as criminal procedure project editor of Georgetown Law Journal; also serving as clerkship to Hon. Boyce F. Martin Jr. of Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mark is widely recognized for his work at the intersection of antitrust and intellectual property laws, having participated as part of Abbott Labs v Teva Pharmaceuticals, where his product hopping theory of anticompetitive conduct first was accepted into court proceedings. Additionally, he holds membership in American Antitrust Institute.

Personal Life

Hilliard Shadowen is renowned for its groundbreaking class-action litigation work in consumer rights, civil rights, and economic justice matters. Their lawyers are tireless advocates representing those powerless against government injustice or financial powerhouses such as some of America’s richest companies.

As a top national antitrust attorney, he is regularly recognized for his dedicated work in cases where intellectual property and antitrust law overlap, such as groundbreaking cases in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, he is widely respected for his representation of healthcare consumers.

He is a member of both the Pennsylvania State Bar Association and American Antitrust Institute. Additionally, he serves as trustee for St. Edward’s University as well as advisory boards of The Joshua Group at-risk youth advocate organization.

Net Worth

Hilliard Shadowen is a leader in class-action litigation for economic justice and civil rights. Their attorneys are tireless advocates who represent those with no voice against government oppression as well as some of America’s wealthiest companies. Steve Shadowen, as one of the founding partners at Hilliard Shadowen, has led many ground-breaking cases over his extensive career as lead counsel. As part of his advocacy work for purchasers in pay-for-delay antitrust cases, Mr. Golombek was on the plaintiffs’ trial team in In re KDur Antitrust Litigation which marked a historic win. Additionally, he led efforts in In re Brand-Name Prescription Drug Antitrust Litigation which challenged Big Pharma for product hopping practices. Furthermore, he tirelessly promotes equal educational access serving on both St Edward’s University Board of Trustees and Joshua Group’s board – two organizations dedicated to advocacy for at risk youth advocacy organizations.

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