Steve Shalaty

Death Metal Drummer Steve Shalaty

Recently we had the privilege of talking with Steve Shalaty from death metal band Immolation about their latest album release through Nuclear Blast Records on February 18, 2022 titled ‘Acts of God.

New York-based band The Vigna Vigna Experience is truly captivating to witness live, from guitarist Robert Vigna whipping his hair around to bassist Ross Dolan’s growl of bass – it is truly one tight outfit!

Early Life and Education

Steve Shalaty of Ohio has been drumming professionally since the early ’90s. He first gained experience by performing with bands such as Odious Sanction before breaking through in death metal through joining New York-based Immolation.

On Atonement’s track “Fostering the Divide,” Shalaty’s rumbling bass punctuates stringed instruments’ sinister riffs with high-speed fills for an irresistibly dramatic and urgent performance that provides the backdrop to Dolan’s growling vocals.

Shalaty joined Immolation in 2003 and quickly helped them rise to prominence among fellow East Coast death metal acts Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, and Suffocation. Their lineup has remained relatively constant with only minor adjustments including Bill Taylor leaving to be replaced by Alex Bouks on guitar.

Professional Career

He represented England at full, U-21, and “B” team level; scoring nine goals in 23 appearances across these teams. Wolves celebrated its 200th goal during 1992-93 – just over six years since his initial signing with them!

Shalaty is part of death metal band Immolation with singer Ross Dolan, guitarist Bob Vigna and bassist Bill Taylor. Over time they have released multiple albums that develop their sound while refining it further.

Acts of God is a technical ecstasy of dissonant rage. Their drummer is at the core of this soundscape with intricate yet powerful rhythms that rattle both ears and mind alike, lending his production expertise as well. Acts of God marks the first album since 2005’s Unholy Cult that features unchanged lineup.

Achievement and Honors

New York death metal band IMMOLATION, consisting of bassist/vocalist Bob Vigna (an uncanny impersonation of Anton LaVey), guitarist Ross Dolan and drummer Steve Shalaty – entered Sound Studios in Millbrook, NY under producer Paul Orofino (BLUE OYSTER CULT, SUFFOCATION) to record their ninth album of intensely dark music, which will be mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH).

After recording their album, IMMOLATION embarked on an extensive tour across Europe, North America and Asia in support of Acts of God – this marked their first tour since supporting Kingdom of Conspiracy and Atonement back in 2007. Unfortunately during this tour Steve Shalaty suffered a spiral fracture to his foot after accidentally stepping on a wasps nest and falling forward which set back its release by approximately one year.

Personal Life

Steve Shalaty is an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman, as well as enjoying other outdoor activities, such as kayaking. Based out of Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two children.

Steve Shalaty has been playing drums with New York death metal band Immolation since 2003. Initially signed to Roadrunner Records, their debut album Dawn of Possession was recorded and released under Listenable Records before guitarist Thomas Wilkinson left and was replaced with Alex Hernandez on Listenable records for their sixth release Harnessing Ruin released that same year on Listenable records.

He has traveled all over the globe and released their most recent album “Acts of God” via Nuclear Blast Records on February 18, 2022. Additionally, they’re currently touring and can be found on their official website’s schedule page.

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